Fishing, Quilting & Marriage

My husband and I have been married for 26 years. Please excuse the bragging, but we\’ve got a pretty good thing going.  We were just 21 years old when we got married. Looking back, I realize that we got lucky just to find each other and luckier still that, at that tender age, we didn\’t screw it up.  We got married and grew into adulthood together. We made mistakes along the way and hurt each other occasionally.  But I never doubted his commitment to me as a person.  Not just as a husband, but as \”the person\” in my life.  My best friend.  My ally.  My go-to person.  My \”make me laugh without trying\” person.  

Why on earth am I bothering you with this tonight?  Because I just experienced one of those simple everyday moments that made me thank God, once again, that I am married to this guy. It was something as simple as this . . .

Tonight after supper Brad called me out to the driveway to show me his new toy, a Clam portable ice fishing house. He was as happy as a little kid as he gave me a tour inside and showed me the features of this new bad boy. He took pictures and texted them to our son in college.  Bring on the ice, Minnesota lakes.  Brad is ready.

Ok, it\’s time to \’fess up. Do I really care about this new ice house?  Sorry, but the answer is no, I don\’t.  It doesn\’t make my heart skip a beat and I doubt very much I will sit inside it, shivering and watching an ice hole. But I sure can appreciate why Brad is excited and I enjoy seeing him all lit up.  I\’m happy that he\’s happy!

This weekend I finished my Mini Juniper kit from Fig Tree & Company, and tonight after work I dropped it off with the quilter.  It is so darn cute that I can hardly wait to get it back and hung up for the holidays.  I get mentally distracted just thinking about where in the house I will hang it.  The possibilities make me kind of giddy.  

Does Brad really care about yet another mini quilt I made?  Sorry, no he doesn\’t.  But when I need help finding that special spot in our home to hang this new quilt, he\’ll be there.  When I babble on about quilting ideas and fabric I love, he listens. He is happy that I\’m happy.

Maybe one of the smaller secrets to a good marriage is recognizing and appreciating the things that make the other person happy, even if they don\’t send your own heart a flutter. I\’m beginning to think that it is these smaller, simpler acts of kindness that make all of our relationships better.  

So husband, go ahead and schedule those ice fishing weekends and I will sew up a storm while you are gone.  Please bring home fish to fry.  After we eat, I will listen to your fish stories and show you the projects I worked on.  Then we can watch a movie and share a beer with olives. Yep, we\’ve got a pretty good thing going. 

Thanks for reading and indulging a sentimental moment!  Here\’s hoping you get carried away quilting often!


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  1. Taunja & Brad, Congratulations on the success of 26 years together. No marriage is perfect, they all have ups and downs. Those ups and downs are the threads that \”tie and bind\” you together. Those ups and downs are what make you the \”perfect catch\” for each other. Cheers to no less then 26 more years of a good thing.Coleen Smelter

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