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  1. I hope you do! I had so much fun the day I made bags with two pre-teen family friends. It was a hoot and they did a great job! If you make any, please email me and let me know or post them to Instagram and also let me know! My best to you and your girls!

  2. I seem to waste so much time reading everyone's posts and all the lovely things people have quilted. The strangest thing is that the one quilt that I call my scrappy quilt is just that, all the left over bits and pieces from quilts I have made and they are just sewn together in no particular order then just quilted with stippling. This sits on my chair and everyone that see's it wants to know if I have the pattern????? Such a mystery to me.. Cheers Denise

  3. Love your first Coffee Table quilt in beige with the tiny floral prints.Can you tell me where I may get these or similar tiny florals to make it please?

  4. Thanks so much Betty! Those small florals in the first Coffee Time Quilt are from Lori Holt's line called Calico Days (made by Riley Blake Designs). If you can't find it at your local quilt shop, please try some of my sponsors. (Their links are in the left sidebar of my website.) Most of them carry several Lori Holt lines!

  5. Hi Patricia! There is just one main link for Coffee Time Mini Quilt Tutorial (the main heading). There is not a different one for Halloween. Hope that makes sense. Just go to the link Coffee Time Mini Quilt Tutorial. The instructions are the same for any style fabric.

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