Friday Bundle Batch at Fort Worth Fabric Studio

When my friends at the Fort Worth Fabric Studio asked me to pop in on their Friday blog post, I was delighted.  If you aren’t familiar with the Fort Worth Fabric Studio (FWFS) or their Friday Bundle Batch, I hope you’ll visit their website, their blog and sign up for their newsletter!  (Just click their link in my left sidebar!) You don’t want to miss out!

Every Friday the FWFS releases a custom curated fabric bundle.  It is announced on their website and in their newsletter, AND they provide project ideas on their blog that correspond with the current week’s bundle release!  It’s a terrific program and I look forward to it each week.  Sometimes the bundle might be made up of a single colorway, making it a terrific stash builder for a color you are missing in your collection.  Other times the bundle may be coordinated by theme.  Owner Jodie and her team pull from different fabric companies, collections and designers to give you a truly unique bundle.  Here are some examples of recent bundles that really caught my eye:


The FWFS blog includes many free quilting and sewing patterns if you are short on ideas for a fresh, fun project.  In fact, you may recall that I made one of Lindsey’s exposed lace zipper pouches a few weeks ago. Please take a moment and check out their blog.  You will be inspired!

Today’s Friday Bundle Batch is called Sweet Summertime Cherries.   It is a delicious bundle of sweet cherries and a fresh mix of yellow, green and red. I knew pretty quickly what project I wanted to make with this vibrant bundle.  The FWFS blog includes a sewing tutorial for a child’s reversible apron with cute little prairie points on the hem.  Please check out Lindsey\’s original tutorial here.

As always, Lindsey\’s instructions and picture tutorial were spot on.  I had no trouble whipping together my little apron.  The only difficult part was deciding which cute fabric to put where!  I probably spent more time with that than with the actual sewing. 

And seriously, how cute are those prairie points?  
FWFS also carries the polka dot ribbon trim and button you see on my project!

The apron is reversible, as all aprons should be!  I make a complete mess when I bake and could benefit from a two-sided apron!  I\’m hoping the little girl who wears this will make a complete, creative, flour fluffed mess herself!  Both sides of the apron have a pocket to tuck away a recipe card, measuring spoons, or maybe a couple of candies!

Perhaps I should be embarrassed to admit that I have never sewn a button hole.  When I came to this step in the instructions, I thought about taking the easy way out and doing two ties around the neck.  But instead, I simply watched a Bernina tutorial on You Tube and my goodness friends, it was easy.  I even sewed a few extra button holes on scrap fabric just for fun.  (Yes, super big nerd alert!)  Lo and behold, I also learned another use for my seam ripper . . . opening the button hole.  Seriously, big time nerd fun here! I tried to include my husband in my enthusiasm over this step, but he only smiled at me like I was crazy.  I just know there is another quilter out there who will read this and know exactly what I mean! 🙂

I hope you will head on over to the Fort Worth Fabric Studio website and check out all of their products and creative ideas.  You\’ll be happy you did!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!  


10 thoughts on “Friday Bundle Batch at Fort Worth Fabric Studio

  1. Thank you, Taunja, for joining in on our Friday fun – we are so excited to have you create something with one of our bundles! Your apron is just the cutest! Congrats on your first buttonhole – it looks perfect, and I bet there are many more to come! 🙂 –Jodie

  2. Oh this apron is so, so cute!! Yes, those prairie points look special, never thought to add them on an apron bottom – great idea! I know how excited I get with my sewing projects – usually I too just get a smile in return, but I'm making them bigger fans all the time :)!

  3. Taunja, the apron is adorable! The plaid prairie points are perfect! I do the same thing and sometimes spend more time with fabric placement than I should. And great button hole by the way!

  4. What a perfect little apron! I know just the little girl who will love this! The fabrics are so cute and love those prairie points add to the cuteness factor! Good for you for trying that button hole. Looks pretty nice to me 🙂

  5. Such a darling apron. I sure would love one in a Tuki size. Button holes are like the hexies were to me, very intimidating. See now, you're going to have me trying a button! Haha! And hey, I just learned about prairie points! Boy am I feeling learned today! xoxo

  6. I bet you could adjust the template easily enough for a Tuki size! You would not believe how easy the button hole was! Seriously!! Every time I do something new I say to myself, \”Why did I wait so long?\” Have a great day!

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