Crossroads Quilt Along: The Diamond Block

Hello quilting friends!  I hope you enjoyed making last month\’s darling House Blocks in the Fat Quarter Shop\’s Crossroads Quilt Along. Now we are on to block number two, the pretty Diamond Block.  If you haven\’t joined the quilt along yet, it\’s not too late.  I encourage you to jump right in and join this great fellowship of quilters. You can learn all the details from the Fat Quarter Shop!  Here are my diamond blocks for March.

While I was sewing up these pastel blocks in Strawberry Fields Revisited by Fig Tree & Company, I kept thinking how I\’d like to make one in my bolder Fig Tree scraps. So I pulled some red, green and black from my stash (a bit of Honeysweet, Farmhouse and Somerset I believe) and I just love this version.  I\’m not sure if this little guy will be a mug rug or if he will just sit in my Fig Tree corner and smile at me.  Either way, I guess I win! 😉

I do have two little tips for you today because they helped me along the way.  First of all, take the time to square up these blocks.  Squaring up to a perfect 3\” x 3\” will make all the difference in the next step!

I also did a lot of \”peeking and pinning\” when trying to match these diamond points.  My seam ripper came out a few times, but that\’s okay.  I can handle seam ripping an inch or two! I don\’t think these are the kind of blocks where we can skip the pinning!

Who else is quilting along?
Below is a list of the talented quilters who will be sharing their progress each month on their own blogs.  Some will be using Strawberry Fields Revisited, while others will be using different fabric.  I hope you\’ll stop by their blogs to see their creations as well!

The Crossroads Quilt Along is a great way to connect with other enthusiastic quilters and donate to a wonderful cause, the March of Dimes.  You can also share your progress and creations on the Crossroads Facebook Group. And be sure to post your own blocks using #crossroadsquiltalong on Instagram!   
Thanks for stopping by the blog!  I hope you get carried away quilting often!


8 thoughts on “Crossroads Quilt Along: The Diamond Block

  1. Your blocks are always so sharp and clean looking. Wow!!! I see you mentioned spray starch above. Can I ask which one you use? I purchased the \”Flatter\” by Soak. Haven't tried it yet, but just curious what you use. Man oh man, I really do love your blocks!!

  2. Well didn't I just see your blocks on IG in Pam Kitty Morning and didn't they look just FABULOUS!!! 🙂 I loved them! I use Mary Ellen's Best Press because that's what my local shop carries. I really like it. I had never used it until I started doing all of those small Farmgirl Vintage blocks. I get the Caribbean Beach scent, which is a bonus! 😉

  3. Haha, thank you so much. That is truly a special compliment coming from the master of stunning blocks! 😉 My blocks just happened to be a result of lots and lots of ironing on the hottest setting. And go figure, I just found that I have a 16.9 fl. oz. bottle of Mary Ellen's Best Press (unscented, waaah). Guess I need to pay better attention to what I have. Doh! LOL

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