Spools mini quilt. . . meet Little Ruby!

I know that many of you are like me, and you adore making mini quilts.  What\’s not to love? Minis are a great opportunity to use up small bits of your favorite fabric. They can be challenging, but they usually aren\’t time consuming. Best of all, they often lend themselves to simple quilting, which most of us feel comfortable tackling on our own machines or by hand. 

I had yet to make the \”Spools\” mini by Thimble Blossoms, although I had seen it sewn up many times using a variety of fabrics. When I was able to obtain some \”Little Ruby\” (Bonnie & Camille) from the kind folks at Moda for an upcoming Carried Away Quilting pattern (that\’s an announcement for another post!), I just knew the time was right to make the \”Spools\” mini.

Luck was on my side, as the pattern was available with one of my sponsors, Stitches \’n\’ Giggles.  Shop owner Lori and I emailed back and forth about another line of fabric she carries, Sweetwater\’s \”Volume II \’Stitch\’ in Vanilla Cloudy.\”  I really wanted to use this for the spool ends, but I wasn\’t sure if it would read dark enough with white sashing.  Lori shipped me the pattern and yardage quickly, and it was a winner.

I love the little detail of the running text saying, \”Stitch, Stitch, Stitch.\”  It\’s like a friendly little reminder to keep on sewing girls!

The entire time I was sewing up this mini quilt, I felt bubbly inside.  You see, from the outset, this mini quilt had an intended home, with my dear quilting friend Ibby.  Because we live hours apart, I only see Ibby two times a year at quilt retreat.  But we text or email several times a week.  Ibby is funny, smart, talented and oh so encouraging.  She also happens to be a complete Bonnie & Camille nut!

It could very well be that sometimes Ibby rolls her eyes (I may need to ask her husband) when I text her with quilting photos and questions . . . Which border fabric do you like best? Did you see this new line?  We should visit this quilt shop! Check out this pattern!! But if she does roll her eyes, I know it\’s only temporary.  After all, she pesters me with the same kinds of texts.  I can\’t thank her enough for all the support and encouragement she gives me!  I was able to give Ibby her mini quilt this weekend.  

I also made a tiny single spool mini for myself.  It hangs in my sewing room as a reminder to be thankful for those wonderful quilting friends who inspire and encourage us.

Please visit Stitches \’n\’ Giggles when you get the chance!  Lori has the \”Spools\” pattern and \”Volume II\” in stock, with \”Little Ruby\” yardage arriving soon!  Her shop is full of the newest \”must have\” lines and lots of cool notions as well!

Thank you all for your encouragement and support too.  It is greatly appreciated! I hope you get carried away quilting often!


12 thoughts on “Spools mini quilt. . . meet Little Ruby!

  1. Lucky Ibby! This turned out so cute and the stitch fabric is perfect! Heading to SnG to order some of that. It didn't pass me by that there is a new pattern in the works either 🙂 When do you plan on releasing it? Soon I hope! Thanks for sharing this pretty project with us Taunja.

  2. How cute is that little spool!! I've never tried a mini but it sure looks quick and easy. I tend to get too ambitious and go for the bigger stuff. Always love your choices of fabrics… winners!!!

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