On Point Pillow: a mini charm project featuring Sundrops

I live in Minnesota, where we enjoy four distinct seasons: balmy summer, richly colored autumn, snow packed winter, and refreshing springtime.  While I appreciate them all for different reasons, I have to admit that the “end of February to end of March” time frame can put me into an emotional funk.  We seem to have several gray, chilly days punctuated by the occasional sunny relief.  The snow is gone, but the ground is still brown and will be for several more weeks.  It’s times like this that I definitely need a pick-me-up!
Well, that came to me via the sweet folks at LouLou’s Fabric Shop. Shop owner Jamie recently sent me a little package brimming with sunshine: the Sundrops collection by Corey Yoder for Moda.  Thanks to Jamie, I spent a happy afternoon sewing up my On Point Pillow and perched it in the corner of my kitchen.  It\’s a happy, sunny sight.  Just what I needed!
I really love the combination of colors in the Sundrops collection: warm corals, sunny yellows, fresh greens, and a taupe range that lends a sophisticated, grounding base for the other colors.  Corey\’s designs have a lively, hopeful feeling, don’t they?

I kept the quilting simple on this project. Sometimes less is more. A few quilting lines in my go-to Aurifil 2021 50 wt seemed just right to my eye.

The On Point Pillow is a free tutorial on my blog.  I’ve made it before using another Moda collection: Olive’s Flower Market by Lella Boutique. It\’s a quick and easy project that would look pretty in many different styles! I bound my pillow with the taupe dot and used the pretty taupe floral for the backing.

My mom recently gave me a package of beautiful yellow buttons, and I auditioned several of them to adorn my pillow, but crazy as it seems, I settled on an old wooden button.  For some reason, that wooden button added just the earthy tone that my springtime pillow needed.  Rest assured, I will use those fabulous yellow buttons on another project!
Would you like to add some Sundrops to your fabric stash? LouLou’s Fabric Shop is offering my blog readers 20% off the Sundrops collection by using the code carriedaway at checkout.  The sale ends Sunday, March 12, 2017.  Thanks so much Jamie!
Wherever you live, I hope you are having a sunny day.  Please visit LouLou’s Fabric Shop when you have a chance.  You’ll be glad you did!
A package full of sunshine from LouLou\’s Fabric Shop!


16 thoughts on “On Point Pillow: a mini charm project featuring Sundrops

  1. This is another lovely interpretation of your sweet pattern, Taunja. As usual very delicately made.And an Interesting colour combination…. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Another pretty pillow with your awesome pattern! LOVE this done in any fabric, but it really \”shines\” in this one. I am going to have to copy this and add it to my own kitchen chair. Not only will it bring in some cheer, but will add such a happy touch. The simple quilting is perfect, and I agree with your button choice, but those yellow ones sure are pretty! Have a wonderful day.

  3. Thanks so much Lily! I really do like this color combination that Corey has created. It's not my usual, and yet it fits in with most of my other quilts so nicely. And it does add a ray of sunshine into a gray corner of my kitchen! I appreciate you stopping by!

  4. Hi there Pam! I was just commenting to the Lily (above) how I love this Sundrops collection and it fits really nicely with my Fig Tree pieces too. I'm sure in your neck of the woods you need a pop of sunshine this time of year too. I just walked into my kitchen to refill my coffee, glanced at this pillow and smiled. Now I will think of you when I look at it too!

  5. Taunja, I just finished following your tutorial and I am so, so pleased with how it turned out! Your directions were concise and easy to follow and the finished product is so professional looking. I used Darling Little Dickens to make a rocking chair pillow for my daughter's upcoming shower to match a baby quilt. It's a surprise or else I'd be posting it all over my Instagram for sure! thank you for such a great lesson!

  6. Thank you so much Deb!! Oh I would LOVE to see this pillow in Darling Little Dickens. My good friend recently did a baby quilt in that also. I hope you will post to IG after the shower! 🙂 Best wishes!

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