Coated fabric zipped pouches

Just popping by today with a quick show and tell.  One of my dear sponsors, Star of Starlit Quilts, recently sent me some Coney Island coated fabric and this free Moda pattern for a boxy pouch.  Thank you for sending me this fun project, Star!
My daughter Haley has already claimed both pouches. She will use them for makeup since they wipe clean easily. I can see more coated fabric pouch projects in my future. What great gifts they will make!

The original pattern calls for a patchwork construction, but since I was using the coated fabric I went with one solid piece. It is a bit thicker than typical quilter\’s cotton, so I used a 90/14 needle.  I also used my walking foot because the coated fabric doesn\’t move as smoothly as cotton across your machine\’s throat plate. Those are just a couple tips from me to you.
Visit Starlit Quilts to get your hands on some of this fun coated fabric. Star is so helpful. She can probably set you up with some pretty colored zippers and other embellishments as well! Happy sewing!

11 thoughts on “Coated fabric zipped pouches

  1. Taunja, your post is so timely…my friend just requested I make her a pouch for her make-up. I was going to look for some oilcloth fabric, but I may just buy some of the Coney Island coated fabric now! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Oh my, this is so easy to make. I got the e-mail about your post and decided to make one with what I have on hand. From the time I sorted through my fat quarters and zippers to make one, cut and made the pouch it took 45 minutes. Will be faster next time. I will have to order some coated fabric to make one. Thanks.

  3. I know! And fun! The first one took me about the same amount of time . . . and number two was maybe 10-15 minutes. I suppose it would be a bit longer if we went the patchwork route, but still, easy and fun!

  4. Hi there! I lined both of them with the coated fabric. One one bag I also used the interfacing (per the instructions) and on the other bag I didn't. Both turned out fine, but I like the one better that has the interfacing. I used light weight interfacing. It's all so thick though, that a heavier needle was a must for me. Have fun! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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