Dog themed pillowcases with Quilt Girls

Last night I had some fun sewing two simple pillow cases using this adorable fabric from one of my sponsors, Quilt Girls. I was reminded of how satisfying it is to make a quick gift that you know someone else will love, particularly when it’s for a child! I have two little boys in mind who will be delighted by this “Must Love Dogs” main fabric by Ginger Oliphant for Studio E fabrics.

To make these pillowcases, I used a free tutorial by Pretty Prudent called “The Easiest & Cutest Pillowcase Ever.”  I’ve used this tutorial before when sewing pillowcases with my daughter and a family friend (Our Little Pillowcase Workshop). It\’s such a fun and easy project, and a great way to teach basic sewing skills to a young sewist!

There\’s something special about this Must Love Dogs print that makes it appealing to all ages. Maybe it\’s because the dogs look so sophisticated in their cuteness. That sheep dog with the red bandanna makes me smile!

Have you visited the Quilt Girls website yet? They have a wonderful assortment of specialty character prints, soft cloth book panels and quilt panels.  I’ve made two of their soft cloth books and gave them as gifts. Both of the books I made were classic stories, so of course I got quite sentimental during sewing.

This is the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer book I made last winter. This brought back some dear memories for me, both from my children\’s younger years and from my own childhood!

And here is a vintage inspired cloth book I made called “Fun in Somebunny’s Garden” by Kathy Rusynyk for Wilmington Prints.  Cloth books are easy to make and they come with good instructions. But if you are a visual learner, like me, I have shared some of my own tips and photos in this blog post.  

Quilt Girls has such a large selection of fun fabrics, you will be amazed.  Zip on over to their website so you can plan your next quick gift for someone you love!
Thanks for stopping by the blog today, sewing friends!  And thank you Quilt Girls for sharing this sweet fabric with me!

6 thoughts on “Dog themed pillowcases with Quilt Girls

  1. Your pillowcases are so cute! I'm planning on sewing some for Christmas gifts too this year. The Quilt Girls have an amazing selection of cloth books. I definitely want to make the Rudolph one for my grand baby. Thank you Taunja!

  2. Our church made 185 pillowcases this year for the Claire Parker Foundation. (Can be found on fb) alot of the fabric was purchased from Quilt Girl. Our pillowcases will be sent to children in the hospital that are very sick. If you are interested in helping you can contact them. Their goal was 1000 pillowcases this year. Mary H.

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