New charm pack pattern: Diamond Trail

I love to purchase charm packs, don’t you? It’s an affordable way to get my hands on every piece of fabric from my favorite designers’ newest collections. To make sure those charm packs don’t just accumulate on my shelves and become sewing room decorations, I designed this quick and easy runner called Diamond Trail.

Diamond Trail is a 22” x 32 1/2” runner that is a snap to make! The pattern top calls for just one charm pack and 3/8 yard of white or neutral, two ingredients you probably already have on hand! Strategically placed white corner triangles give the illusion of set-in diamonds, creating a pleasing look for a simple quilt! 

For my runner, I selected this warm collection called Sundrops, which was designed by Corey Yoder for Moda. The colors are just so yummy, especially for summer and fall!

This pattern is a great candidate for at-home, straight line machine quilting.  You could just follow the seams and highlight the diamonds and you’d have a wonderful finished project.  

OR, you could hire someone terrifically talented to beautify your quilt with fabulous quilting, which is what I did!

Diamond Trail was custom quilted by Starlit Bear of Starlit Quilts.  I sincerely don’t have the words for how thrilled I was when I received this little runner back in the mail!  I remember that I just sat and stared at it for quite some time, taking in every lovely detail and dimension that Star created.  She truly is an artist!  Thank you so much, Star!

Diamond Trail is available through my Etsy Store,
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Now, go sift through your stash of charm packs and get carried away quilting!

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