Sewing fun with The Good Life toweling by Moda

I know many of you are big fans of the Moda fabric designers, Bonnie & Camille. For me, their florals always have a nostalgic feel, reminding me of flowers from a country garden, but their use of vibrant, saturated colors gives them a modern appeal. Their latest collection, The Good Life, is a perfect example of what is “Bonnie & Camille.”

Well, imagine how thrilled I was when one of my sponsors, Starlit Quilts, sent me a fun product from Moda: toweling by the yard from The Good Life collection! Moda toweling is 100% cotton, 16 inches wide, and hemmed on both sides.  It is sold by the yard and has a sturdy but soft feel, similar to home décor fabric. Here are my makes:

Starlit Quilts sent me 3/4 yard each of four toweling prints.  After petting them for a while, I began to pull things from my hodgepodge tub.  I pulled out a damask table runner with lovely crocheted lace ends (an antique store find), some pretty red gingham ribbons, buttons, and a length of dainty crocheted trim left over from another project.

First I cut a 6 1/2” strip from the aqua floral, sewed it together with the length of white/red dot toweling, and hemmed both ends.  Then I decided to embellish my towel at the seam. I cut the crocheted trim from the damask runner (gasp), and sewed it to my towel. Then I added the small red gingham ribbon to cover up the raw edge of the damask runner I had trimmed. For thread I used natural white (2010) Aurifil 50 wt., which disappeared nicely into both the lace and the ribbon!  A crisp white button secured with red (2250) Aurifloss seemed like the perfect finishing touch.

For the other towel, I used the same method and joined a 6 1/2” strip of the scallop print to the gorgeous navy floral, hemming the top and bottom.  I then added the smaller lace trim at the seam, and topped it off with a yo-yo and button. On both towels, I simply ran the trims around to the back of the towel about 1/2\”, turned them under to form a \”side hem\”, and stitched the trims in place on the sides.  Both of my towels are meant to be decorative, so I didn\’t worry too much about trims needing to be secure enough to withstand machine washing. 

These projects were so easy, but they gave me a great deal of satisfaction. While I obviously love making quilts, I also find a lot of joy in these on-the-fly, “sew what makes you smile” type projects!

Come to think of it, I probably wasn’t very creative with my toweling from Starlit Quilts, as I simply created . . . towels!  You could easily whip up a pillow, a table runner, placements, draw string bags . . . oh the possibilities.  

If you would like to play with some toweling, I hope you’ll head on over to Starlit Quilts. Besides being a fabulous custom machine quilter, Star has a wonderful Etsy shop with a great selection of products and heart-felt customer service.

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. Amid these days where there is often so much sadness and heartache in the world, I hope you find joy and comfort in your sewing and sharing with others.  I know I do, and I am thankful that you visit my blog to see what I’ve been up to. 

Wishing you happiness!


11 thoughts on “Sewing fun with The Good Life toweling by Moda

  1. Amen to the sentiment of finding joy and comfort these days! I hope this isn't a dumb question but does the towel fabric absorb like a flour sack towel might? Or is it best for decorative use rather than a real purposeful towel? I'm looking to get some fabric to make towels but other than flour sacks, I'm not sure what else will be cost effective and practical. Thanks.

  2. Hi there! It's definitely firmer than a flour sack toweling, with that sort of finished feel. However, I am betting after a washing it would soften up and be more absorbent. They are 100% cotton.

  3. I bought toweling this summer to make curtains. So nice and easy, just fold down one side to run a tension rod through and finish the two edges. I bought inexpensive lace/crochet curtains and put them on another tension rod underneath and hanging below the plaid toweling. It’s so very cute. I still need curtains in my sewing room, so this might do beautifully.

  4. These are so pretty Taunja! Perfect little hostess gifts or just a way to brighten up the kitchen! I also like the idea of little draw string bags😊 Thanks for sharing💕

  5. Oh my gosh that is a terrific idea! Toweling would be great for curtains! In fact, my mom has a small window in her kitchen above the sink where she would like cafe curtains. This would be great. Thanks for the idea!!

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