Window Garden in Tilda: A project update

Last February I began a Window Garden quilt for myself, using some much loved (and hoarded) Tilda fabric. Because this wasn’t a gift and I had no particular deadline, I worked on this top in between other projects, here and there, as time allowed. Now my top is done and headed off to the quilter! I\’m so pleased with how it turned out.

Every time I brought out this project to cut or sew a little bit, I felt a renewed love for the fabric and the pattern. 

Window Garden is a layer cake pattern, but as I explained in my February 7 post, it’s just as easy . . . and fun . . . to make this quilt from a favorite bundle of 10 fat quarters!

Tilda is a Norwegian fabric company whose collections were previously unavailable in the United States.  I purchased my first bundle from a sweet shop owner in Canada, Andrea of Willow Cottage Quilt Company.  In fact, Andrea was the one who got me hooked! Now two of my blog sponsors in the U.S. also carry Tilda: My Timeless Day and Fat Quarter Shop

If you are looking for a layer cake pattern, I hope you’ll give Window Garden a try.  I’ve seen it made in many different fabric collections, and it looks beautiful every time!

Here is my original Window Garden, sewn up in Olive\’s Flower Market by Lella Boutique for Moda. I\’m thinking Lella Boutique\’s newest collection, Farmer\’s Daughter, would also be a beautiful choice for Window Garden!

The kind folks at Sweet Treasures Quilts in Keizer, Oregon recently sewed Window Garden using Ann\’s Arbor by Minick & Simpson for Moda.  Here\’s a sneak peek of that quilt top prior to quilting. Shop owner Terri let me know that they will be offering kits in the near future!

Photo credit: Sweet Treasures Quilts

My friend Ibby made a Window Garden quilt for her niece\’s graduation.  She used Sundrops by Corey Yoder.  What a warm and lovely version!

If you are interested in purchasing my Window Garden pattern, please visit your local quilt shop or one of my blog sponsors. You can also purchase directly from me. Besides paper patterns, Window Garden is available as an immediate PDF download on my Etsy Shop. Quilt shop owners: wholesale information is available here.

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today! 


19 thoughts on “Window Garden in Tilda: A project update

  1. Each time I see this pattern – no matter which lovely fabric used – it truly reminds me of pretty kitchen curtains framing the outside scenes. Love the gold border used in your Tilda version – perfect with these beautiful fabrics.

  2. Thank you so much Sigi! It was my daughter who named the pattern, when she came into my sewing room and it was all laid out. She said, \”Mom, it looks like little windows with curtains. You brought me back to a sweet memory this morning. Thank you! Have a great weekend!

  3. I purchased your Window Garden pattern awhile back and have the project ready to go…sometime. Thank you for showing pictures of it in the different fabrics! I know I am going to love making mine.

  4. such pure and delicate look of your new project, Taunja… that after quilting will be gone forever… I often wonder if quilting stage is that necessary… Yes it holds things together and it makes mistakes less visible, it may add texture and certain beauty,.. but it also takes away a lot heavily quilted and barely quilted (in the ditch or with knots) have such different effects, and I'm not sure that i like the former better…:)

  5. Love the pattern and the fabric of your new Window Garden quilt top, Taunja! I have been 'drawn' to this pattern, but haven't purchased it yet. Now I know I have to buy it!! 😉

  6. Your quilt is lovely Taunja especially with Tilda's fabric. I have all of her books from when she first published and have yet to find time to use them. I even purchased a doll kit with a lovely taupe floral for the dress and it sits there waiting for me. Also waiting for me is your Window Garden pattern! I want to make a quilt for my brother using Barbara Brackman's William Morris layer cake and I need to find a solid for the pane's that will go with her fabric. My brother has a Craftsman style home built around 1900 in Davis CA and I thought the William Morris fabric in the blues would look so beautiful and thought of your pattern not only because it uses a layer cake, but I could think of looking out of a window into the world of William Morris. Have a wonderful November!Karen in NC

  7. Hi there Karen! Oh, I think you should just get out that doll kit and make it!! That sounds like fun and I bet you will be so happy when you are done! Your plan for your brother's quilt sounds fabulous, and so meaningful! I sure would be honored if the Window Garden patterns was the one you chose to show off those William Morris prints. I think it would be beautiful! Thanks so much for popping by again! I sure like hearing from you! 🙂

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