My Sew Sampler Basket Quilt top is complete!

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog, you know that I love the monthly Sew Sampler subscription box from Fat Quarter Shop. Every month the folks at Fat Quarter Shop curate a box filled with unique notions, pretty fabric, an exclusive pattern and coupons! These boxes are an incredible value and you may cancel at any time, giving you total flexibility. It’s so exciting to receive that special blue box each month!

For the past year, the Sew Sampler boxes have also included a bonus basket block recipe card designed by Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet. I’ve played along, sewing a basket block each month from my stash of Fig Tree scraps! I’m so excited to show you my finished Basket Quilt top. Isn’t she pretty?

This cheerful quilt finishes at 28 3/4” x 36”, but there are larger sized options on the recipe cards. Because I made the small 5 1/2” blocks, I literally was able to sew from scraps! During the year, I stored a messy stash of pretty Fig Tree fabrics in a plastic bin and had a ball rummaging through my scraps to find the perfect morsels for each block I made. I have a lot of scraps left, as you can see. Time for another scrap quilt, I guess!

In this month’s Sew Sampler box, we received the 12thbasket block recipe and the finishing instructions. I chose a sunny yellow for the setting squares (from Coney Island), an apple green for the inner border (from Ella & Ollie), and the strawberry floral for the outer border (from Strawberry Fields Revisited).  

Sometimes quilt making can become a bit like work, especially when we have a tight deadline. But this project, completed over time using fabrics that make my heart happy, was a true joy. Just ask my husband . . . I was hopping around the house the night I discovered I had enough floral fabric to make that pretty outer border.

When I look at this quilt top, it’s like an eye-spy game of old Fig Tree favorites, including California Girl, Aloha Girl and Farmhouse. This scrap quilt reminds me of the other quilts I’ve made and treasured!

My Sew Sampler Basket Quilt top just needs to be quilted, and then I will find a sunny spot to hang it. I’m thinking it may need to go in the guest room near my Sweetly Scalloped quilt and my favorite Fig Tree pillows.

It’s time for me to come back down to earth and show you the goodies that arrived in the March Sew Sampler box, pictured below. Isn\’t that Sparkler pattern striking? I\’ve been longing to try a curvy Log Cabin ruler.  It\’s always good to try new things!

~ Splarkler Ombre Confetti Metallic Half Yard Bundle ~ 
~ “The Sparkler Quilt” Exclusive Pattern ~ 
 ~ Creative Grids 4” Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool ~ 
 ~ Bella Rose Gold Tape Measure ~ 
 ~ True Grips Adhesive Rings ~ 

If you haven\’t signed up for this monthly subscription box and want to know more, just follow this link: Sew Sampler box from Fat Quarter Shop. Oh, and if you’d like to make your own basket block quilt (in three size options), the recipe cards are available for purchase here.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I hope you all find time to get carried away quilting!

18 thoughts on “My Sew Sampler Basket Quilt top is complete!

  1. Thanks Rosemary! I never get rid of scraps! Sometimes, when I feel like I'm overflowing, I give them to my church or friends or young sewists, but I never toss them! 🙂 SCRAPS GALORE!!

  2. I have loved seeing your basket blocks each month. Now this beautiful quilt shows them off so nicely! You have inspired me to gather my recipe cards and get this made😊💕

  3. Hello! I love the basket sampler. The pattern does not seem to be available any longer at the link you provided. Would you have the patterm for sale? Thank you so much!

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