Moving sale: Paper patterns, fabric and kits marked down!

I’m having a moving sale!  While I haven’t written about it much, a few of you are aware that for the past year my husband and I have been living like college kids once again. When we became empty nesters, my husband found a new job and we sold our much-loved home very quickly—so quickly that we scrambled to find a place to live!  Eventually we found a place to rent, put half our belongings in storage, sold a lot, gave away a lot, and then proceeded to house hunt.  Now one year later, we’ve finally found both the community and the home where we will settle. We’ll be moving in early September and are so excited!

I look forward to pulling out my favorite quilts, wall hangings and table runners and discovering where they should live in our new house. The physical and mental work of moving is daunting, but it will all be worth it. Pulling out the quilts in our new home will be the reward!

That brings me to my sale.  My mom is here this weekend to help me get organized for packing.  Truth be told, I think she’s here mainly for moral support.  Moms are good at that! We’ve decided I should lighten the packing load by offering a good sale on my Etsy Shop. So if you’d like to stock up on patterns, fabric or a kit, now is the time!

Now through August 25, all paper patterns will be $5.  All fabrics and kits, which are already nicely priced, will be discounted 15%.  There is no coupon code necessary.  You’ll see the sale prices already active on my Etsy Shop.



17 thoughts on “Moving sale: Paper patterns, fabric and kits marked down!

  1. I am sure you are relieved and looking forward to moving in. I hope moving day goes exceedingly well. I am excited for you.Hubbs and I are still in the big house. We are going to wait a few more years. Down sizing is daunting but we are already working on itBest wishes

  2. Downsizing is certainly daunting. But it also feel good, like a fresh haircut! The new house we found is better than we thought we'd get, but I don't plan to \”refill\” it up with stuff. I will try to keep things to where I \”need\” them!!!

  3. My husband and i have lived in the same house we had built 29 years ago. We are semi empty nester's as my daughter is working on her Master's/PhD (yep a dual program) in Aerospace @ Texas A&M University. So she pops in now and then and of course we go visit. (My son who will be 30 on New Year's Eve, has been married for 3 years, I have 1 grandson 🙂 ) I couldn't imagine moving..renting..with the amount of stuff we accumulated with the kids-in the barn and attic, with 2 acres, with my inlaws next door and surrounded by 22 acres. LOL Ok that was TMI…Good luck to you, I know it has to be exciting…I'm going shopping in your Etsy shop…. 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh! We just did the same thing. Our house sold the first day on the market, put 3/4 of our 'stuff' in storage, we lived in an apartment for 10 months and when we moved into our new house we found things we had forgotten we had! Best wishes for you in the new home! Looking forward to seeing photos!

  5. P.S. I've almost completed my Window Garden quilt – not nearly enough room in the apartment to quilt. On to your Etsy store – ta-ta!

  6. It's tiring and exciting at the same time, isn't it Gail? I'm hoping that when I go into storage, I'll find a few things that seem like treasures, but find more that can be donated! It feels good to lighten the load!

  7. made my last purchase with your sale. 🙂 Good luck on your move. It sounds scary since we've been in our house 31 years! When DH retires in 3 years we plan on moving to upsize! Yes, you heard it right. We live in the SF bay area and have raised our kids in a 1120 sq ft house and are hoping to find a larger house so I can have a big sewing room, and he can have a shop for all of his \”toys\”. 🙂 So of course we will have to leave the bay area: housing is too expensive for us here to have those two dreams!! Good luck again on the move: I hope it all goes smoothly!! Hugs, H

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