Decorating for the holidays, quietly

I’ve been feeling quiet inside as we move into the holiday season. Not sad or depressed. On the contrary, I feel quite thankful and happy. But I also feel a sense of quiet. Maybe this is my mind’s way of fighting off the constant barrage of noise . . . from the television, the radio, the computer and the phone. So much information. So much news. So much to do. So much to make!

I’ve talked to other quilters who, like me, feel that being a quilter today is a bit like being a squirrel. We are constantly zipping about, frantically chasing that shiny new nut . . .  the newest fabric, pattern, kit, technique, etc. Everything we see on social media or in the quilt shops makes us want to buy and make. It’s exhausting. It can make us feel downright overwhelmed!

I hope my blog never makes you feel that way. I hope my enthusiasm for my shared projects inspires you in a happy, productive way. Let’s make a deal with ourselves and each other . . . we don’t have to keep up with anyone else. We will sew, decorate and make on our own schedules, within our own budgets, and for the joy of the creative process or gift giving that results.

So, after all that rambling, I want to share with you my Christmas decorating from this past weekend. It is very light. And it feels good . . . and quiet.

The morning after Thanksgiving, I laid out my Star Crossed Pines quilt and a new pillow I ordered from a fellow Etsy shop maker: Porter Lane Home. Yep, I tossed them on the couch, took a couple of pictures and that was it. That was enough. Whew!

Later in the evening, I talked (coerced) my mom and Haley into helping me set up the Christmas tree and a few greens. We also hung three quilts. My Welcome Home Wreath and another single quilt block found homes in the dining room, while my Christmas version of Fat Quarter Flourish now hangs in my kitchen. On Saturday when the sun was shining I took a few more pictures to share with you. We still don’t have the ornaments on the tree, but that is oddly okay with me this year. I’m enjoying this quiet tree.

During the fall this black wire basket was filled with an autumn garland and fabric pumpkin. We made a quick switcheroo with some winter greens, a cute little sign and a \”Jolly\” mug rug that I made last year. And if you notice in the background, my red and green version of Shoofly Crossing is hanging on a stair railing. We can grab it to use as a lap quilt while watching TV, or hang it there for decoration.  Simple is good!

And finally, on Sunday evening when I was home alone, I set out our little Nativity which was a gift from my parents many years ago. I didn’t even put out the wooden manger . . . just the still figures, quiet reminders of what this season means to me.

We have a beautiful lighted Christmas village, several more holiday mini quilts, bunches of greenery and pretty figurines and decor that are staying packed away this year. I’m feeling really good about this . . . much less “squirrelly.”

Who knows, next year I may go all the way and decorate every inch of this place for the holidays. Either way, my family loves me, and that’s all that really matters.

Whether you\’re seeking a quiet season or one filled with joyful noise, I’m wishing you all a wonderful journey into the holidays! 


28 thoughts on “Decorating for the holidays, quietly

  1. Lovely quietness and soft silences and warm memories–that's what I am wishing you this Christmas. I don't have a lot of decorations to begin with and this year only two teeny table top trees with just lights; and my only two table top pieces beneath their boughs…I always toast absent friends and family this time of year…hugs, Julierose

  2. Oh Taunja, I can relate! I agree with you about quietness. It has all just become too much noise and can mentally and physically exhaust a person. I too have been putting out touches of Christmas and I know I will eventually put up our tree. My tree is a slim tree so I have been able to cut down on the tree decorations. Its been wonderful to have a smaller storage bin of Christmas decorations to deal with. I love your blog, your beautiful quilts and projects that you make. You inspire me so much! But I agree, I'm always thinking faster, faster I have to get this quilt done because I have so many more to do and so little time. I am always trying to remind myself that it is the process of making the quilt I love and to slow down and try to enjoy it more. I pray you have a beautiful Celebration of Christ and enjoy all the quiet moments that you can create for yourself this season and into the new year…

  3. Wow Taunja, How did you capture word for word how I am feeling this holiday? I want to decorate simply. I want to get rid of so much stuff that has no meaning. I want to donate most of my stash of fabric. I always had to have the newest fabric, newest pattern, newest tool. Instead of if sitting down to sew I spend all day on the internet looking at quilting blogs,Pinterest etc. Thank you for making me sit back and realize that in the New Year I need to make some big changes. I love your blog. May you have a Joyful Christmas. Blessings, Jan

  4. Lovely post, Taunja – and so true! Each year I seem to put out less and less. This year too, I've kept it simpler with all the decor. Maybe I'll still do more – maybe not. I keep telling myself – it is our families nest, not someone else's :)! The same holds true with the sewing, but that lies in an entirely different category!

  5. Oh Sharon this is SO well said. Why do we think we have to do everything faster, faster. It can steal the joy! I like what you said about the slim tree and fewer ornaments and fewer things to store! And if you think about it, trees are beautiful no matter the size! I wish you a wonderful Christmas season. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and understanding mine!

  6. You are so right! And when I got my haircut last night, the lovely young woman doing my hair was talking about less is more in her home also! There must be so many of us feeling the same way. She was so thankful that for Christmas, her girls were asking for new markers and coloring books and paint sets. How wonderful is that?

  7. Jan ~ I got choked up reading your comment. I was a little nervous sharing these thoughts as I sounded a little sappy maybe. But I figure there's never a danger in sharing if it comes from the heart. I can TOTALLY relate. It makes me bummed out to think of the time I spend on social media snooping around for things I \”could\” do, instead of making, or sewing, or baking or reading. Or just looking out the window at nature (it's cold here) and being thankful! I wish many blessings right back at you, Jan! I need to make some changes too.

  8. Now that made me giggle! Whenever I get to feeling rushed or crazy or in a frenzy, I'm going to remember that you called me a \”calm\” quilt blogger. That will be my go-to reminder to myself to find the quiet! THANK YOU!!!

  9. Thanks so much Sigi! You are a very prolific sewist, but I can tell your sewing is all about the giving. Your sense of urgency lies in the love you want to give, through your quilts, to others. You have your focus just right, and you are an inspiration!

  10. I just wanted to write to tell you that I really enjoy reading your posts. And I see that many others have expressed the same thing! Christmas in our family this year is even more simple than usual, since we have a wedding on the 16th! So none of us can think about Christmas yet. And that is perfectly okay. We will have time later to reflect on the miracle of God becoming a man — such a gift! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  11. Thank you…that was so nice. Yes, i do get stressed and overwhelmed and want to buy and print patterns and SEW…and there are but a few blogs i enjoy reading. With working full time i honestly can't and get frustrated with myself. I enjoy seeing everything you make and have made a few things, but this season i'm reducing my shopping as i have enough to keep me busy over the course of the year I hope to focus on-doing small things in between. Thank you again…as i am reading this during my lunch half hour… 🙂 I can't wait till Friday when I am off so that I can sew. Looking forward to your shared ideas and decorating into the new year…… 🙂

  12. First of all Monica, thank you for ready my ramblings during your lunch break. I am honored! Your words ring true to me as well, as I have enough to keep me busy for a long time. Maybe we all just need to remind each other once and a while to focus and slow down and enjoy! 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend of sewing . . . or relaxing . . . whatever suits you come Friday!

  13. Ohhhh I am late for this show party. Your house is beautiful I love the decorations you placed so carefully. I adore the precious moments nativity. I always wanted one of those. Yours is a treasureHappy December Taunja. Have a perfect end of year celebration, Christmas especially.

  14. Ohh,ladies,all of us who are honest with themselves feel that way. We have too much these days. No matter how pretty, still clutter. You realise it only after a year or 2 of self-indulgence. thank you, Taunja, for some words of reason. and for the nativity… I wish people who celebrate Clausmas didn't call it ChristmasSincerity is scarce and much needed

  15. Thanks….and yes, I'm reading during lunch again 🙂 I have bought SOME fabric since this message and decided to focus on what I have in 2019! To work on and finish and focus on ME. I get too stressed doing for others and my husband has to hear me 🙁 Merry Christmas to you you and your family!

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