Sewing blue

If someone were to ask me my favorite color, my immediate answer would be blue. It’s the same answer I would have given as a young girl, and it still feels true today. Oddly enough, I don’t typically decorate my home with blue accessories. Also, very few of the quilts I’ve made in recent years feature the color blue. 

I’m no expert in color theory. I just know what I like and how colors make me feel. I’m sure I’ve shied away from blue because it is a cool color, and I like to create a warm environment in my home. However, since moving to our place by the lake, my eyes have been opened to a new realization. Blue is an awesome anchor (no pun intended) to the other colors in the landscape which provide warmth and energy. And so, I’m “feeling blue” and sewing blue! 

Pictured below are two of my most recent fabric pulls for quilts in progress. The first photo shows a selection of navy and taupe prints from the upcoming “Sweet Tea” collection by Sweetwater for Moda (available in stores in January).  I added some soft butterscotchy-orange prints from my stash to warm up the grouping. I’m working on a new pattern that I think you will love . . . it\’s simple but has a big impact. I’ll share that with you just as soon as I can!

This second photo shows a selection of the blues and greens from the “Oxford” collection by Sweetwater for Moda. I’m making a simple patchwork quilt for our guest bedroom (otherwise known as Haley’s room or Grandma Brenda’s room, depending on who arrives first). Haley and I attempted to paint the guest room a very pale shade of blue (white lightning) this past weekend to coordinate with the Oxford fabrics. However, we painted just one wall and realized that what we really had was lavender. Back to the drawing board on that! 

Both of these fabric pulls are a departure from what I typically sew. But they reflect what I feel when I look at the natural world around me. There is so much beauty to be found in a calm lake, peeling birch trees, tiny acorns, and crunchy fallen leaves atop thick green grass that will soon be hidden by snow. There are days when I forget to keep my eyes open to nature. I’m working to do better. Maybe my new quilts will provide an indoor reminder to look outdoors!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!  Thanks for letting me ramble.



4 thoughts on “Sewing blue

  1. Beautiful colorway selections! I too always said blue was my favorite colour, and my fabric baskets do show that, but when I look around my home – unless it is a bathroom (or two), and my sewing room – most everything else is in shades of green and brown. Hmmmm :)! Looking forward to your sewing 'peeks' from these fabrics!

  2. Hi there Sigi! Isn't that funny that we have that in common? I hope you have a wonderful week! It's snowing lightly here today. And I heart Duluth (a few hours to our north) had 6 inches of snow yesterday. Made me wonder how the weather is in your neck of the woods! Merry Christmas! 😉

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