A Tumbler quilt for my sewing room

A few weeks ago I told you about a new project I was starting, a Tumbler quilt. I’m pleased to share the final result with you, a sweet little quilt for my sewing room. She’s a super cute complement to the Lone Star quilt I shared with you last spring.

While the Lone Star quilt hangs above my cutting table (a DIY project made by my husband and me), the new Tumbler quilt is displayed in an opposite corner of the room where I can see her from my sewing machine. I’ve used an old yard stick as my hanging rod.  Doesn’t that add a fun finishing touch?

My sewing room probably seems a little sparse to many people. If I’m snooping at sewing spaces on Pinterest or Instagram, I truly admire studios decked out in pretty decorations and bookcases filled with fabric bolts, precuts and books. But the truth is, I work best in spaces with less clutter. \”Less is more\” makes me feel calm. Feeling calm helps me to feel inspired and motivated. So I keep it simple.

My sister painted this wall art for me at one of those sign painting parties. Wasn\’t that a thoughtful gift? It fits into my sewing room so nicely!

Just in case you are wondering where all the \”stuff\” is, I keep my stash of fabrics, books, patterns and doo-dads in a small walk-in closet in my sewing room. It\’s nothing fancy, but I must admit I do enjoy opening that door and stepping inside.

But I\’ve gotten a little off track.  Back to the Tumbler quilt . . . I created my project from scraps and fat quarters in my stash. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of picking through pretty fabrics, cutting my Tumblers and placing them here and there in a scrappy layout. (For more details on how I cut my Tumblers, please see my earlier post.)

Another great thing about a Tumbler pattern is that it is very easy to quilt at home on your domestic machine. My machine quilting talents are limited to simple, straight-line quilting. But on some quilts, like a Tumbler, this simple technique can create a wonderfully pleasing effect.

Using a longer stitch length (3 on my Bernina), I began by quilting lines 1/2” above and 1/2” below each horizontal seam. Begin in the middle of the quilt and work your way to the top and to the bottom. Also be sure to alternate which side you begin stitching on.  If your first horizontal line of stitching runs from left to right, sew your next horizontal line of stitching from right to left. By doing that, you should avoid “skewing” the quilt.  After creating the horizontal quilting lines, I simply followed the natural shape of the Tumblers and stitched from top to bottom, 1/2” away from the Tumbler seams.  Presto!  I used Fat Quarter Shop’s exclusive Happy Cloud Batting and Aurifil\’s 50wt thread in the Moondust color (6725).

As I mentioned in my previous post, there are many patterns and templates available for sewing a Tumbler quilt. I ordered the “Crumbler” ruler by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company from Fat Quarter Shop.  The ruler comes with a very detailed pattern packet which includes instructions, fabric requirement guidelines, different Tumbler layout options and more. 
My Tumblers are 3 1/2” tall and were cut from a variety of Moda fabrics in my stash. It’s kind of thrilling to see collections from so many different designers blending together to create a cohesive design.  Here are the fabric collections I used, with designers in parenthesis.
Olive’s Flower Market (Lella Boutique)
Farmer’s Daughter (Lella Boutique)
Flower Mill (Corey Yoder)
Sundrops (Corey Yoder)
Victoria (3 Sisters)
Volume ii (Sweetwater)
Chestnut Street (Fig Tree)
Handmade (Bonnie & Camille)

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. I hope you\’ll add a Tumbler quilt to your \”must make\” list, as I\’m pretty sure you\’d love this project as much as I did. Thank you for your support and positive feedback in 2018, and I wish you all a wonderful 2019. Now go and get carried away quilting!


14 thoughts on “A Tumbler quilt for my sewing room

  1. I started a Tumbler quilt earlier in the year but put it aside .. you have inspired me to get it back out and finish it!Happy New Year – I look forward to more inspiring posts in 2019 😉

  2. You have such a great eye for fabric selection! this is such a nice combination of fabrics. Also, I love the simple, non-cluttered look of your sewing room. I can totally see how that would help you to focus on the project at hand.

  3. Love your tumbler quilt and all the delicious fabrics used! I've always been afraid to try this pattern, but I just might have to add it to my 2019 quilt list. Love how you quilted it!

  4. I wa so happy to get a glimpse into your sewing room Taunja. I really like to picture someone's environment with them doing what they love, or just hanging out. This space is so perfect for you! The light is so nice, your lone star and tumbler are just perfect, and your organization is just how you sew…..neat and precise! I actually pulled out my tumbler die (for AccuQuilt) today for a project I am working on with another gal for our AccuQuilt club. Haven't used it in quite a while but you really inspired me with all of your lovely fabrics in this. Mine will be in \”saturated spring-time\” colors. I'll send a picture when it's done. Nice job on that quilt hanger! I may have to copy that one with my dad's 48\” measuring stick. Did you bring your pretty barnwood quilt backdrop from the other house? I always loved that. What a thoughtful gift your sister made for you. It's just perfect! I don't think I even knew you had a sister until now. Does she quilt also? Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  5. Hey there Pam! Oh I cannot WAIT to see your springtime Tumbler!! Yes, let me know when you post it on IG in case I miss it. I seem to be missing a lot of my favorite people's posts with their new algorithm thing! And yes, that would be really cool to use your dad's 48\”-er! How fun!!Sadly, no. The people who bought our house really liked that, so I left it behind. I miss it! ;)She does dabble a little in sewing, but her favorite hobbies are cooking and gardening.

  6. Wonder do u still have that color fabrics ? I want to buy that colors! I already ordered tumble cut last night let’s me know where can I buy same fabrics colors?

  7. So eye catching!! I'm new to quilting and I think this ruler will be one of my favorites. Love the colors and patterns you picked. BEAUTIFUL! ~jeni

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