A Barn Star quilt and the promise of spring

You may remember that last week I was whining about the bitterly cold weather we are experiencing in Minnesota. Well, our low temp this morning marked -32 F with a “feels like” temperature of -54 F.  The local news channels are calling this the coldest day in decades. How am I fighting the polar vortex? I’ve stayed inside and finished up a little project I began last year, a Barn Star quilt featuring the Pepper & Flax collection by Corey Yoder.

This sweet quilt exudes springtime, doesn’t it? I’ve hung it in my dining room with just a few other decorations. Spring is slow to come to Minnesota.  It will be months before we see any green, and I think this little vignette is a nice transition between the seasons.

Corey Yoder’s Pepper & Flax collection mixes sunny yellow and sprig green with a cool granite. It’s a lovely color combination, and it allows me to include a touch of winter in my early spring decorating . . . a chubby nesting bird looks right at home with a sparse little evergreen tree. In the corner of the room, I\’ve replaced my winter springs with touches of green and yellow and propped up some peeling birch logs.

The Barn Star quilt pattern (also designed by Corey Yoder) is a fun and easy pattern to sew. Because of its bold and graphic layout, it lends itself to simple straight-line quilting on the diagonal, which is what I did.  My quilting lines are spaced two inches apart.

I’ve already walked into my dining room twice today to gaze at this quilt, this promise of spring. I know that the bitter cold snap has hit many of you all across the United States. I hope you are staying warm and enjoying some sewing during this hibernation season!
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  1. Love your little vignette! It and your quilt give hope for Spring on this bitterly cold day here in SE Nebraska. Thanks for sharing! HUGS… and stitches

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