A fat quarter quilt top finish

This week I finished a special quilt top, one made out of beautiful fat quarters I have gathered over the past year. It’s a mix of dusty, denim blues and soft pinky-reds. I’ve sent it off to the quilter to be finished, and I can’t wait for it to return!


The pattern is called Wayne & Gordie from the book Miss Rosie’s Farmhouse Favorites by Carrie Nelson. The quilt finished at 74” x 81” and was a snap to make with Carrie’s strip piecing method. For fabrics I pulled together several blues from Sweetwater’s new Sweet Tea collection, rosy reds and pinks from 3 Sisters’ Poetry and Victoria collections, as well as a couple of navy and pink prints from Lella Boutique’s Garden Variety and Olive’s Flower Market collections. Not only do the colors play well together, I like the mix of the traditional designs (3 Sisters) with the more contemporary flair (Sweet Tea and Lella Boutique).
This quilt is the perfect example of why I love fat quarters. It’s fun to collect pretty prints, knowing that if I wait long enough, they will eventually partner up with other collected fat quarters and create a lovely new blend.  This basket sat on my sewing table for months as I added, deleted and rearranged prints. Eventually the basket whispered, “Sew these up!”

When it came to working on the quilt backing, I didn’t have quite enough of the creamy floral print (3 Sisters). But I did have extra scraps and fat quarters! So I stitched them together to create a pieced band the width of the quilt. When joined with my backing fabric, I had just enough to back the quilt. I’m only going to show you a sneak peek of the backing right now.

Since I’m on a fat quarter kick, I wanted to remind you of some of my Carried Away Quilting fat quarter patterns:
74″ x 74″


Ribbon Play
50″ x 18″
64″ x 76″
Fat Quarter Flourish
20″ x 20″
Let’s Play
48″ x 57″
Lakeside Star
74″ x 74″
All of my patterns are available on my Etsy Shop.  I hope one of them inspires you to start your own pretty basket of fat quarters.
Thanks for stopping by. Now go and get carried away quilting!


12 thoughts on “A fat quarter quilt top finish

  1. You did a wonderful fabric pull for this quilt, very pretty! This pattern has been on my (very long) to-make list for a long time, I think I will have to tackle it soon.

  2. Ohhhhh I enjoyed reading this today (eating dinner) This quilt is terrific. I love itThis fabric is fun!!Of course I love all of your patterns, and I love seeing them here as a reminder

  3. I too love everything that you create! I wish I had your ability to choose fabrics that always look better in the combination that you make than they did individually.

  4. What a lovely quilt, Taunja! You did a beautiful job of choosing all these pretty fabrics. I'm really eyeing your 'Let's Play' pattern. So many beautiful patterns to choose from.

  5. Patti . . . it's a struggle sometimes and you wouldn't believe how often I second guess myself! I guess in the end we just have to go with what speaks to us and not look back! 🙂

  6. Thanks Sigi! Let's Play is pretty fun! I look forward to making it in some brighter colors too. And while it lends itself to a little boy, I know it would work for a little girl too. Fun as a play mat!

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