Star Watch: a sunny quilt featuring Calico Days by Lori Holt

I’m popping in today to share a cheerful, farm-fresh version of my Star Watch pattern, this time featuring the Calico Days collection by Lori Holt for Riley Blake Designs.
Sewn up in a sunny collection like this, Star Watch becomes a happy, scrappy jelly roll quilt. Simple log cabins provide the foundation for the quilt, while a row of sunny stars adds a playful twinkle.
Calico Days was released by Lori Holt a few years ago, but she has numerous collections that are just as darling. Any vintage-inspired fabric lines would shine with this pattern.
For my Calico Days version, I omitted the inner border called for in the pattern, so the completed quilt is just a bit smaller. This will be a wonderful throw or cuddling quilt to gift to someone!
My Star Watch pattern calls for using some of the jelly roll strips to create a scrappy binding, which is a fun finishing touch and so easy to do!
For more information on my Star Watch pattern, check out this link:  New pattern: Star Watch, a jelly roll quilt. The pattern is available on my Etsy Shop in PDF format
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11 thoughts on “Star Watch: a sunny quilt featuring Calico Days by Lori Holt

  1. What a difference when changing up the fabric colourway in a pattern. I love it in both fabric choices. The first has a woodsy autumn feel, and the second is perfect for spring – so cheery. Your pattern is perfect for both. Love the star blocks and the pop of different fabric piece set in each.

  2. I love this in the calico, but even more, I love the Harvest Road collection! I have your pattern and that fabric on my list, ready to make up a quilt that will go with my livingroom beautifully!

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  5. I just finished making your Starry Way pattern out of French General fabrics & it looks great. I would like to make your Star Watch quilt and I would like to know if the log cabin and star blocks are the same size in both quilt patterns or if the Star Watch blocks are a larger version than the ones in Starry Sky pattern? Thanks

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