Harmony fat quarter quilt featuring Farmhouse Flannels II

Our nephew Adam will graduate from high school this May, and I’ve completed his flannel quilt with a few months to spare.  Last fall I asked Adam if he had any special requests for his graduation quilt, or if he would trust me to select the pattern and colors. He texted back, “I trust you Aunt Taunja. Go for it!”  He’s such a great kid. I hope he loves his quilt!



This past year I’ve made three quilts featuring the Farmhouse Flannels II collection by Primitive Gatherings for Moda: one for my husband, one for my son, and one for Haley’s boyfriend. Because all of these men gave rave reviews of their quilts, I also chose Farmhouse Flannels II for Adam’s quilt.  (Click here for Moda’s brochure of Farmhouse Flannels II, with SKUs.)



The pattern I used was my Harmony pattern, which is fat quarter friendly and a breeze to stitch up.  My previous Harmony quilts have been decidedly feminine, so I\’m happy to see that Harmony is also a great pattern for the guys in my life!



The awesome machine quilting on Adam’s Harmony quilt was done by Katy of Woods Edge Quilting.  We selected a motif called “Fort” which has an angular, masculine feeling that is perfect for this quilt. Katy suggested a warm gray thread that looks great with all of the flannel colors. Thanks so much, Katy and team! Once again you knocked it out of the park!



Adam’s quilt has been tucked away until his graduation celebration. He is the youngest grandchild on my husband’s side of the family, so we’ll all feel a bit nostalgic watching the baby of the family head off into the world.  I know I’ll be comforted with the thought that our quilt will go with him on his journeys, reminding him of home and family.

Thanks for stopping by today. Now go and get carried away quilting, my friends!



Other versions of Harmony:





And Sweet Treasures Quilts still has 2 kits available of their version of Harmony, featuring Canning Day by Corey Yoder



16 thoughts on “Harmony fat quarter quilt featuring Farmhouse Flannels II

  1. This turned out so beautiful, Taunja! Lovely pattern and lovely quilting on it. It is great to see this pattern in so many different fabric lines, which changes the look of it each time. Your nephew will love his new quilt – and feel the hugs as he sets out into a new chapter of his life.

  2. I enjoy graduation quilts too. I gifted a large queen quilt to a nephew last year and he was so appreciative. This is why we quilt!

  3. Hi Taunja – This quilt is gorgeous! I have purchased your pattern and now I am on a search for fabrics. I am having a hard time with the colors on my monitor and there are a lot of fabrics in this line. Would you mind telling me which fabric you used as your backing? I cannot wait to make this for my son. I am sure your nephew will be super happy with his graduation quilt. Thank you!

  4. Another beauty, Taunja! I don't know about anyone else but I love working with flannel. He sounds like such a sweet boy and he'll be a happy recipient~

  5. No, I didn't. I don't wash my fabric before sewing. I have never had a Moda collection bleed. If I am gifting a quilt, depending on the recipient, I sometimes tuck in a note about washing in cold water the first few times, and PROMPTLY removing from both washer and drying . . . never letting a damp quilt sit in a clump.

  6. Mrs. Taunja,
    I absolutely love the quilt you made for your nephew as a graduation present. The Harmony Farmhouse Flannels II pattern is absolutely beautiful, and I would love to have one for my newborn son. I’ve been searching around for a quilt for my son, but my eyes are just drawn to this one! I love the colors you selected, it’s just perfect. My grandmother was the quilt maker in our family, and she created quilts for all her grandchildren but sadly she passed away. Would you be interested in duplicating Adam’s quilt for me to purchase from you, or could you tell me where you purchased this fabric? Please let me know your thoughts! This is one quilt I feel I can’t live without.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I really loved that flannel fabric collection too, in fact I used it for quilts for FOUR men in our family. Such great guy fabric. I don’t know how much of that is available anymore, as it has been a couple years since Moda released it. I am sorry but I don’t sew quilts to sell to other people. I just make them for family. Best of luck to you! If you are interested in commissioning a quilt to be made for you, I would suggest reaching out to any area quilt stores. They may know of a local person who does that! Have a great week!

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