Kindness Quilt: A gift for a new little blessing

In 2020 I joined a mystery sew along hosted by Sweet Treasures Quilts called the Kindness Project. The goal was to make a quilt and gift it to someone affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. I finished my quilt top and then tucked it away . . . pondering who to gift it to.  I knew the answer would come to my heart, and it did.

I am taking a little license with my choice, but I think you will understand why.  It goes without saying that 2020 was a difficult, sad and challenging year for so many people. But one miraculous blessing came out of that year. A friend of mine became pregnant, after 14 years of trying! When I learned that she was expecting, I was thrilled for her. A few weeks later when I learned she was having a girl, I thought . . . THAT is where my Kindness Quilt will go . . . to the baby of my courageous, funny, loving, big hearted friend whose dream finally came true during the craziest of times.  I’m hoping this quilt will be much loved by a baby girl who represents hope and love and all things good. 

I did find a way to spread some cheer to others whose daily life was directly affected by COVID. My mom lives in a lovely senior apartment complex during the winter months. While it is not an assisted living facility, it is under the management of the local hospital. For much of the year, all of the residents have been under tight restrictions. During the worst months, Mom and I visited only through Facetime and countless phone calls and texts. When restrictions loosened up a bit last winter, I was able to drop off some table toppers, wall hangings, and small quilts from my sample closet. Mom was then able to gift those to ladies that she knew needed a particular pick-me-up. I know there are many of you who did something similar, and my hat goes off to you! We put our hearts into each of our projects, and love goes with the quilt when it is gifted to someone else, even someone we may have never met.   

The sweet machine quilting that you see on the Kindness Quilt was done by a talented and caring new machine quilter that I’ve used a lot lately, Katy of Woods Edge Quilting. She does excellent work and has a passion for the quilting community and for helping others. I would highly recommend Woods Edge Quilting if you are looking for someone to machine quilt your next project.

Would you like to make a Kindness Quilt? Terri of Sweet Treasures Quilts has compiled her sew along instructions into a free printable PDF. Terri is another woman with a true passion for the quilting community and for making each day sunnier. Thank you, Terri!

As I write this blog post my heart is full. Even during difficult times, blessings still arise! I am blessed to be part of our quilting community, and I appreciate the kindness that each of you have shown me.


8 thoughts on “Kindness Quilt: A gift for a new little blessing

  1. May I ask what fabrics you used in this project? They're absolutely gorgeous…it seems that somehow you always find the prettiest fabrics!

  2. Hi Lori! It is mostly from the Nest collection by Lella Boutique for Moda. There are a few other prints thrown in too, as I was sewing from my stash. I think there are a couple from Lollipop Garden (also by Lella Boutique) and a couple of prints from Corey Yoder fabrics. Thank you for reading!

  3. This is so sweet. And in NEST fabrics so I immediately smitten! I may do in flannels too! Thanks for your kindness project and a great idea.

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