Cloth book panel winners

It’s time to announce our cloth book panel giveaway winners, thanks to the generous folks at Quilt Girls! Shop owner Patricia sent me two cute panels, “Play All Day” and “Busy Street”, so that I could host this fun giveaway opportunity for my followers.

If you haven’t entered one of my giveaways before, my scientific method for selecting a winner is to copy and paste all of the comments into an Excel spreadsheet.  Then I do several sorts to rearrange the entries. Then I ask a family member to “say a number.” Today my daughter Haley was home, so she hollered out the winning numbers.

Today’s winners are Angela J Short (who will receive “Play All Day”) and Katie Wyatt (who will receive “Busy Street”). Congratulations to you both!

Quilting friends, please visit the Quilt Girls website and check out their terrific selection of book panels, quilt panels and novelty fabrics! You’ll be so inspired for homemade gift-giving!


One thought on “Cloth book panel winners

  1. Oh my! I never win anything and I’m over the moon happy that you picked me for the Busy Street Panel. 99% of everything I made is donated to my quilt guilds Outreach program and this panel will be included once I complete it …you literally made my weekend! All the best, Katie

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