Buffalo Check Table Topper: Halloween version

Hello quilting friends! In April I shared a new pattern with you, the Buffalo Check Table Topper, which includes instructions for two toppers, one for Halloween and one for Christmas. Today I’m popping in to let you know that Midnight Magic II fabric by April Rosenthal (Moda) is finally shipping to stores, and it’s a spooky cute as can be!



In my Halloween sample, I used Midnight Magic II for nearly everything. The Candy Corn print is featured in four of my pumpkins, and I used other prints from the collection for the star points, star centers, pumpkin stems, binding and backing.

The text print you see in my other pumpkins is from an older Lori Holt collection that I had been saving for years. As I was sewing, I was very torn about which fabrics to use. I really like the Black Cats and the Skeleton Bones from Midnight Magic II, as well as many others from the collection. Decisions, decisions!

My table topper finishes at 30 1/2” square and is made using basic construction methods. The pattern is available on my Etsy Shop in PDF format. I’ve listed fabric requirements below. You could order some Midnight Magic II or raid your stash for some favorite Halloween or autumn prints. The fabric requirements are so minimal.

Materials for Halloween Version

Orange A:  1/6 yard or scraps

Orange B:  1/6 yard or scraps

Star Centers:  1/8 yard or scraps

Black Stem:  5” square/scrap

Black Star Points:  1/6 yard

White (Moda Bella Solid 9900 98 White Bleached):  1/3 yard

Light (Moda Bella Solid 9900 178 Etchings Stone):  2/3 yard

Dark (Moda Bella Solid 9900 128 Stone):  1/3 yard

Backing:  1 1/8 yards

Binding:  1/3 yard

One of the great things about this topper is how the design moves around the perimeter. This allows you to display your favorite piece of autumn décor on the table topper without covering up the cute pumpkins and stars!

What would you place on the center on your table topper. . . an autumn floral arrangement, a large pumpkin, a bowl full of gourds? Please share your final displays on Instagram so I can see them! Use the hashtag #buffalochecktabletopper and be sure to tag me @taunjalynn .

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