A quilted book sleeve

Today I want to share a wonderful free pattern I came across recently: the Elsinore Book Sleeve. Designed by Alexa of The Wannabe Grandma, this free pattern  includes instructions to make a small, medium or large quilted sleeve to protect your favorite book! I made the large sleeve for my new Bible.

Alexa’s pattern is terrific, with detailed written instructions and helpful illustrations. The pattern calls for both sides of the sleeve to be comprised of little patchwork squares . . . great for dipping into your treasured fabric scraps! I followed the instructions for one side. But for the other side, I freelanced a bit to let the pretty fabric take center stage. Visit The Wannabe Grandma website for more inspiration and a link to download her free pattern.

Recently, I’ve been experiencing a season of change and uncertainty.  And while that has brought about moments of fear, frustration and worry, it has also drawn me closer to God. I know He has a plan for good, and I can honestly say I am finding peace in the waiting. I’m reading my Bible, studying, listening to podcasts and writing down prayers and scriptures. And quite naturally, my inclination to get carried away quilting spilled over into my faith life and I had to protect that new Bible with a quilted sleeve. But of course!

My post today has been a little more personal in nature, so thank you for bearing with me. In case you are experiencing a challenging or difficult season in your life, I want you to know you’re not alone and you are loved. I hope you all are well and finding joy in your journeys!




Here are the things I am using and where you can find them.  Note: these are not affiliate/money making links.  I’m just sharing what’s been helpful to me, in case you might also enjoy them.

Free pattern: The Wannabe Grandma: Elsinore Book Sleeve

Fabric for my book sleeve: Sister Bay Driftwood Wildflowers (3 Sisters); Christmas Morning gray stripe (Lella Boutique); Indigo Chambray #12051-13 (Moda)

Bible: She Reads Truth (CSB)

Favorite new podcast: Talk It Out (Joyce Meyer) *The ladies on this podcast are awesome! Truly day brighteners!

Favorite new bible study: Ephesians: A Biblical Commentary (Joyce Meyer)

Traveler’s Notebook & Journals: Designs by Planner Perfect


4 thoughts on “A quilted book sleeve

  1. Thanks for sharing your heart; like you, I’m glad that when we trust God and His Word, we know the end of the story–it’s just the current days of the story that make us lean in and trust Him more. Looking forward to that day when Jesus will be the Righteous Judge, and all evil will be conquered! Thanks too for sharing your sources–I always look forward to your posts.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful reply Ruth. And I love that you used the phrase “lean in” because that’s what I’ve been thinking about lately . . . or even reminding myself to do. Lean in. Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  2. These are unusual and difficult times we are all living in. I think we’re all going thru something and I agree with you and Ruth (from the previous comment). We need to trust God and His Word. By drawing closer to Him we can find peace and contentment. May God be with you and fill your heart with His peace and His joy.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your kind words Mary. I hope the same for you . . . peace, joy and contentment in Him. Have a wonderful week/weekend!

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