Find a jelly roll, sew a quick quilt!

We’ve been in our new house for three months now, and I have to admit that I’m still trying to figure out where things belong and, more to the point, where I tucked things away! In our old house, my office/sewing room had a good sized walk-in closet which I kept fairly organized with all of my sewing supplies. In the new house, I have a nice space to sew, but the storage is mostly downstairs. Unfortunately, that makes it easy to ignore tasks that I should be doing, like unpacking tubs of fabric and determining “what’s what.”

One Saturday in January, I began the task of unpacking fabric tubs when I came across a jelly roll that I had forgotten about. In an instant, my good intentions were set aside as I ran upstairs, determined to sew just for fun. Unpacking the tubs could wait for another day. What I needed was a quick sewing fix! The end result was this pretty throw quilt.

Luckily, I had all the supplies on hand for my quick-fix sew day:

The Sweet Tea collection came out in 2019 and it is still a favorite of mine. I used Sweet Tea on my Lakeside Star quilt! The full color story in this collection includes vanilla, red, taupe and blue, but I omitted the reds for this project.

Since I omitted the reds, I ended up making fewer blocks and had to deviate from the pattern.  But it’s such a simple pattern it was fairly easy to make the adjustments.  I also added a nice wide border which frames the on-point blocks nicely.

My friend Katy of Woods Edge Quilting suggested we use a motif called Celtic Sea for this project, and she was spot on! I just love the stretched out effect that this panto has on this throw quilt. It’s organic and interesting without being too fussy. Thanks so much, Katy!

Sewing can bring us joy in so many ways . . . the appreciation we have for beautiful fabrics, the accomplishment we feel when we learn a new technique, the happiness we experience when we make a quilt for someone we love. And then there is the simple joy I experienced on a Saturday afternoon when I threw chores to the wayside and lost myself in a few hours of quick-fix sewing. Aren’t we lucky to be quilters?

Thanks for stopping by, quilting friends!


8 thoughts on “Find a jelly roll, sew a quick quilt!

  1. Your quilt turned out lovely it inspired me to go download the pattern from Fat quarter shop. Well I don’t understand the measurements for the setting triangles? 15.375? And 7.875?

    1. Hi Kathleen! Yea, it’s a pretty fun and easy one, but it is a little spare on the fine details and also I believe maybe other countries use the .375 and .875 instead of saying 3/8 and 7/8. Honestly I think I cut mine squares to the half inch and full inch. You’re going to trim anyway when you trim the quilt, and that gives you a little more wiggle room!

  2. Looks like your Saturday was well spent. I love that chambray as well. I used something similar in my son’s bed quilt. Your quilt is beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  3. Tanya, what size did your quilt ultimately turn out to be? It is a beautiful selection of fabric and cute pattern. Thank you for introducing it to us.
    I have fat quarters that I would utilize in this quilt.

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