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Thank you for choosing a Carried Away Quilting pattern.  I work very hard to write clear, accurate and easy to follow instructions. All of my patterns are tested twice by me and also by another quilter.  Even with my best efforts, a typo or error may creep in.  I truly apologize for this and any inconvenience this may cause you. 

Any mistakes are immediately corrected on PDF versions and on next runs of print versions. 

Hometime (CAQ-032)

There was a typo on the back cover that stated (18) fat quarters are required for the Hourglass blocks.  However, (22) fat quarters are needed for the Hourglass blocks. The typo was fixed on 8/4/2020 and the file updated on Etsy.

Next Up (CAQ-023)
Correction note for the small version of Next Up (page 3).  The cutting directions were accurate.  However, in step 3 I referenced a rectangle size incorrectly.

3. Sew (2) black cross weave rectangles 2 1/2” x 8 1/2” together with (3) neutral 2 1/2” squares. Make (4).

Should instead read:

3. Sew (2) black cross weave rectangles 2 1/2” x 10 1/2” together with (3) neutral 2 1/2” squares. Make (4).

Note: the PDF on Etsy and Craftsy was corrected on 11/25/2018.

Sweetly Scalloped (CAQ-006)
The cutting instructions on page 1 for the Yellow Outer Border ask you to cut (7) 6\” strips by WOF.  This is CORRECT.

However, on page 3 I refer to the yellow border as being 6 1/2\” wide.  It is not.  It is 6\” wide (as you cut it). 

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  1. I purchased the Gumdrops pattern for a 64 1/2” x 64 1/2” quilt. I would like to make a queen size quilt that measures 100” x 115”. Can you help me with modifying the pattern to make a queen size quilt? Thank you.

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