Fall Frenzy: Seasonal projects complete!

In my July 23 post (Seasonal quilts. . . that take several seasons to complete!), I admitted to you that I had a seasonal quilt I started working on in November of 2013, but it was still unfinished. (Yikes!) I also vowed that I would finally find some backing fabric, get it quilted, finish the binding and have it out before the trick-or-treaters knocked on the door.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

The pattern is called “Spools” from Fig Tree & Company. I just love this Halloween/autumn colorway featuring butterscotch, black, grey and taupe fabrics.  After much searching, I found a creamy colored chenille at Craft’s Direct.  It seemed like the perfect backing for a fall lap quilt.

Back in August as I was prepping the \”Spools\” top for the LAQ, some unseasonably cool weather settled across the state of Minnesota.  It gave me a bit of autumn fever, and I was unable to resist whipping together a fall-inspired runner for my kitchen table and also hand that off to my LAQ.  She returned both projects to me the first week of September, just in time for some fall decorating!  

I was tempted to hang the Maple Leaf runner on my quilt ladder, but . . . 
I really love it on my kitchen table!  Hello September!  Welcome!

Seriously, how can a person not get carried away when the following forces converge . . .

1.   The weather gets so chilly in August that you are forced to bring out your favorite fall sweater and soft, old jeans.
2.   Some of the trees in the neighborhood begin to show the tiniest glimmer of color change.
3.   Your black-eyed Susans and purple coneflowers are showing off, the sedum are turning pink, and the lime light hydrangeas are spectacular.
4.   You are participating in the Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along and the Scrappy Maple Leaf Block is one of your next projects.  Not only that, the book includes ideas for combining those blocks into table runners.
5.   You discover that one of your favorite local quilt shops has some custom curated bundles of hard-to-find Fig Tree & Company fabric in fall colors!  (Thank you Sweet Water Cotton Shop!)

Well, there is just no cure for that.  A fall table runner was not on my list of August projects, but I sure am glad I let those cool autumn breezes carry me away. 

A big thank you, as always, to my friend Barb at Quilts on Broadway for her beautiful quilting work.  I am amazed at how quickly she can turn her client’s projects around.

Happy autumn sewing friends!  Here’s hoping you get carried away quilting often!


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