Let\’s make a Jelly Clip purse!

Hello quilting friends!  Recently the nice folks at Lou Lou’s Fabric Shop sent me a new little project to try out, a Lecien Jelly Clip purse.  Lecien Jelly Clips are these darling acrylic resin handles that you attach to sewn fabric pouches.  The Jelly Clips come in a variety of fun colors in three sizes (4” small, 5.5” medium and 7” large).  Lou Lou’s Fabric Shop carries the small and medium Lecien Jelly Clips on their Notions page.  Please visit their website by clicking their ad in my left sidebar!

Here’s what you’ll need:  a Lecien Jelly Clip, outer fabric, lining fabric, fusible interfacing and fabric/craft glue.  Much to my initial alarm, the pattern and instructions that come with your Lecien Jelly Clip are in Japanese, which I unfortunately cannot read. 😉  However, they do provide a link to an English set of instructions.  Please note:  do not throw away the Japanese instructions that come with your Jelly Clip, as you will want to use that template when cutting your fabric.  If you check out this link, you can see the exact fabric requirements needed for each size Jelly Clip.

I made the small Jelly Clip purse.  I just love that apple green handle!  Lou Lou’s Fabric Shop also sent me a sweet bit of “Farm Girl” fabric by October Afternoon for Riley Blake Designs.  You’ll definitely want to check out that line of fabric in their shop.  It even includes a canning label print!

The construction of the fabric pouch was very straight forward and the instructions were easy to follow.  Filling the channel in the Jelly Clip with fabric glue and then “stuffing and tucking\” the upper edge of the pouch into this channel was a bit tricky.  I used my \”Purple Thang\” to work the fabric into the channel.  (A sewing awl or stiletto would work well too.) The Jelly Clip comes with a bit of rolled paper string that is optional.  It can be used to help stuff and secure the fabric into the clip.  

Here\’s where I\’m going to give you some advice.  Channel your inner kindergarten self. It\’s glue.  It\’s going to smoosh and slide around.  It\’s going to get on the handle.  It\’s going to get on the fabric.  It\’s going to get on your hands.  And, it may even get on your pants. But it wipes off and dries clear.  Don\’t give up in the first 30 seconds if you\’re struggling. I had a moment where I thought maybe I\’d be that kindergartner who throws the project across the room because she\’s not getting it.  But I stuck with it and little by little, magically, that fabric began to snug up in the channel.  The glue began to get tackier. Things began to gather and fit nicely.  Within about five minutes I had this thing looking pretty darn good, so I wiped the glue off the Jelly Clip (and my hands and my pants) and set it down to dry overnight. 

Well, I think this may be the cutest little purse I’ve ever made, and it’s always fun to try something new!  I think this would be a hoot to work on with a group of friends!

Wouldn\’t this purse make a great pouch for storing your binding clips?

To give you an idea of the size of the small purse,
two large spools of thread fit in the bottom.

Lou Lou’s Fabric Shop was kind enough to send along a second Jelly Clip (medium) with a bit of cherry pie fabric from \”Farm Girl\” and the green plaid from \”Calico Days\” by Lori Holt for Riley Blake Designs.  This bit of fun will go out to one lucky winner.  

All you need to do is leave a comment below and you\’ll be entered. Let us know what you\’d do with a little purse like this! (Please include your email address.) Comments are open through 3:00 pm (CST) on Friday, February 12.  At that time, I will do a random drawing and announce the winner.   *Only one comment per person/per email address.  Email me if you are having trouble leaving a comment and I will leave a comment on your behalf. (carriedawayquilting@gmail.com)

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!  Here\’s hoping you get carried away quilting often!


45 thoughts on “Let\’s make a Jelly Clip purse!

  1. What a darling, fun little bag! I think I would have to use this for my \”grandma stash\” in my purse. You know, gum, band aids, mints, etc. that my little people are always asking for 🙂 Love that fabric too! Sounds like a fun project to work on.Thanks for the share, Taunja and the opportunity to win from Lou Lou's!

  2. Oh my goodness how cute! I would use it for a change purse or wouldn't it be so cute to hold hand-quilting supplies! <3 homespunhandmaiden(at)yahoo(dot)com

  3. I would use this sweet little purse to keep my meds in when I have to be away from home OR more than likely I'll gift it to my 4 year old granddaughter to \”house\” her Popsicle coins!!! I can just \”see\” her waiting for the Ice Cream truck holding her little purse!!! Bless her!!!

  4. I followed the link to read the English instructions and they look surprisingly easy. Thanks for offering the giveaway. The purse is adorable and would be perfect to hold all kinds of things.

  5. Such a cute little pouch that would be perfect for my traveling sewing tools. How fun to pull that out at the next sewing retreat I attend!

  6. I'm not afraid of the glue! Bring it on. LOLI'd enjoy using it as a binding kit … small scissors, binding clips, needles and thread. Or to carry my embroidery stuff – needles, floss and small scissors. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! 🙂

  7. Taunja you have such a fresh way of \”speaking\” when you write. I would love to win this darling fabric and clip, but I have no idea what I'd use it for . . . maybe a gift for one of my wonderful quilting friends who are always there for me. Thank you and Lou Lou's for the giveaway.

  8. This would be the perfect thing to hold the little figures that my granddaughters like to carry around. It is adorable. Thank you for the giveaway.ceciliayoung at gmx.com

  9. What a cute little purse, I think I would make it for my wonder clips. Or to actually use as a small purse! Sometimes I don't know who or what something should be made for until it's done, and then it hits me that completed item would totally suit this person. Thanks for the link to a new to me shop!sewzeeq5@yahoo.com

  10. OMG I love this!!!! Those Jelli Clips look so fun and colorful. I would probably use it as a coin purse in my own purse. 🙂 Or maybe put some sewing tools in it as a small sewing kit in case of emergency. 🙂

  11. I love this little pouch! I have been wanting to make one for some time now! I desperately need a new coin pouch and that is exactly what I'd use this for!

  12. Oh my heavens, that is just too cute for words! I'd definitely use it for myself. I don't own a coin purse. I sort of just \”throw\” change in to my purse. Yes, I'm a bit of a hot mess with coins!

  13. Such a cute such a cute project!!!! I would make this for my granddaughter who had her 7th birthday coming up…. She loves all things girly! I have never made one of these but after readying your post I'd love to try….. Even if I have to play with glue. My email is : our10kids@cox.net. Thanks for the give away!! Chris

  14. Oh – love your little purse. I've never made one, but if I did – I think I would use it to store my little Alphabitties, that I've started to use for my sewing projects. Thank you for a chance at this special giveaway!

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