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Welcome! Today I am delighted to share my sunny projects on the Backyard Roses Blog Tour with Nadra Ridgeway (of Ellis & Higgs) and Riley Blake Designs. I became a fan of Nadra’s when I was lucky enough to sew with her first line, “Bloom and Bliss.”  Nadra’s designs are cheerful and full of sweet detail.  The colors she uses are richly saturated, so they are somehow bold and yet warm at the same time.  It is a lovely combination!

When I received “Backyard Roses” I was immediately drawn to the focal yellow rose featured on the main blue, pink and mint fabrics in the line.  The yellow is so pretty, and it definitely has the look of a backyard rose, happily thriving on someone\’s trellis.  And so, yellow became a focal color in my projects.

First up are two mini quilts using my own pattern \”Crossing Petals.\” One mini features pink and red prints from the line, while the other features blue and green prints.  In both quilts, it is the yellow that creates the chain connecting the petals.  I\’ve used a combination of Nadra\’s \”Yellow Backyard Floral\” and Riley Blake Designs\’ Swiss dot and gingham in yellow. They work so nicely together, and I love Riley Blake gingham!

Here are some closeup shots of both mini quilts.  I was so happy I had just enough yardage of the main fabric in both pink and blue to use it as backing.  The back should be as pretty as the front!  

During the remaining days of the Backyard Roses Blog Tour, my \”Crossing Petals\” pattern is available at a discounted price on my Etsy Shop. 

Naturally, this fabric is so lovely that I just had to keep sewing.  Two more small projects were in order, and they were so much fun to make! How about a crisp little kitchen towel that shows off those roses once again? Talk about indoor sunshine! 

The star points surrounding the pink fabric are from Nadra\’s first line, \”Bloom and Bliss.\” I love this yellow print as an accent to \”Backyard Roses.\” 

Finally, because a girl can never make too many zipped pouches, I\’ve made another one which will go to my mom, Brenda (hence the \”B\”).  She has said it\’s too cute to use, but I will make sure she uses it!  It would be handy for storing a favorite book or even her iPad!

This pouch measures 9 1/4\” wide by 13\” tall.  I\’ve based it off of the free tutorial instructions found on the Fort Worth Fabric Studio\’s blog:  Exposed Lace Zipper Pouch. I\’ve made several of Lindsey\’s pouches, and once you\’ve made one, you realize quickly you can make them at any dimensions you would like.  You are limited only by the length of your zipper.  By the way, that cute lace zipper is also from Fort Worth Fabric Studios.   

And where did the pattern for that wonderful letter \”B\” come from?  Nadra! She has a terrific pattern called \”A is for Apple\” available on her Etsy shop.  Some day I\’d love to make the whole alphabet quilt!

I hope my little array of projects brought some sunshine into your day.  \”Backyard Roses\” is available in stores now.  In fact, two of my blog sponsors are carrying the line:  Lou Lou\’s Fabric Shop and Fat Quarter Shop.

There is still a full week left on the tour, and I hope you will visit these other talented bloggers to see their lovely makes with Nadra\’s collection.  

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Sincere thank you to Nadra and to Riley Blake Designs for including me on the tour.  It was a pleasure to sew with this sunny fabric!  And of course, I must do a shout out to my local friend, quilt shop owner, and LAQ Barb at Quilts on Broadway, for the happy stitching she did on my mini quilts!

I hope you all get carried away quilting often!


28 thoughts on “Backyard Roses Blog Tour

  1. These projects did bring sunshine into my day. Thank You :)!! Love your mini's and the tea towels – too nice to use. What a special pouch for your mom – love the Initial block idea on the front of it! Yellow was and still is one of my favorite colors – love how you drew it out in your projects.

  2. These are so pretty. I could stare at them all day and if I was in the room with them I would keep looking over at them! You took a beautiful fabric line and used it to perfection!

  3. Taunja,I am so glad I found your blog! You always quilt the cutest mini quilts. I had two hip replacement surgeries this last year and I had not done any sewing since then but you inspired me with the Spools mini quilt. I have started mine and I hope to find some time today to work on it. Thanks again for brightening my day, now I have to make one of the mini quilts you showed in your post today.

  4. I just die and go to heaven every single time I see your posts!! Don't even get me started on that adorable little kitchen towel! I'd be framing that deliciousness ensuring no one could touch it! I'm inspired with every visit here! Blessings to ya, my favorite quilter/blogger online friend!!

  5. Yes they are lovely, bold but warm is so right I love the minty fabric and the mini quilts are gorgeous your style shines through, all you quilting girls are tempting me…. but I will resist til Iv'e finished all my unfinished stuff!!Glenis

  6. You have such talent not only at your perfect sewing, but your color & print combinations! Your Crossing Petals pattern shows off these fabrics so beautifully. I'm in love with the tea towel! Lucky mom to get that pretty pouch 💕 I am on overload just wanting to make everything you share here. Wonderful projects for some pretty great fabric 😊

  7. Well girl, you are going to give me a big head! Thanks so much though. And don't you worry, nobody will be able to touch that kitchen towel, or they will get mom's wrath! 😉

  8. Well Thank you so much Glenis, but I couldn't begin to work the magic that you do with your dolls and clothing. It is just magic to me! I'm sure if I tried, there would be tears and the possible hurling of fabric across the room!

  9. Thanks so much Pam. I don't know what I did to deserve such a good online friend, but I'm so thankful for you! I think we just like/enjoy the same things and that's what makes it fun! Hope you are having a good week and knocking out that Dilly Dally quilt!

  10. Taunja! I absolutely love the tea towel. Do Did you cut the towel apart to insert the quilted portion or did you applique the quilted portion to the towel. Oh how I want to make one or two or three! Love you style.P.S. Also loved the ribbon quilt from yesterday.

  11. Taunja….I'm SEW in awe of you. You inspire me every time I read your blog. The next thing I know you will have you own quilting show on TV …and then I will say…I knew that girl when she used to DREAM about making her own quilt patterns. Keep up the great work…you definitely have a talent!! Miss you!!

  12. Thanks so much Pat! You know, this time I handled this tea towel \”embellishment\” a little different than I have in the past, and I really liked the result. I think I should probably blog about it and include some pictures, because it's hard to explain without pictures, although simple to do! If you're chomping at the bit, I can shoot you an email with my rough explanation!! 🙂

  13. You are such a dear! Thank you for your kind words. There are so many wonderful quilters out there . . . you included! You know I've seen your quilts first hand and they are amazing. Sometimes I wonder why we wait so long to get brave and try to realize a dream, but then I think maybe the timing is actually just right. Miss you back!

  14. Taunja,I am in awe of all this prettiness! Your mini quilts, the sweet little bag, the towel – one more beautiful than the other!! Thank you so much for being part of my Blog Tour, I couldn't be any happier!xoxoNadra

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