May Sew Sampler Box from Fat Quarter Shop

I am so glad no one else was home when my May Sew Sampler box from Fat Quarter Shop arrived in the mail today.  Because let me tell you, I’m pretty darn sure I let out a happy squeal and I think I may have hopped up and down at one point! It’s kind of awesome how a surprise box, just for me, filled with treasurers compiled by others who know what quilters love, can make me feel like an eight-year-old kid at Christmas.  Dear Santa (aka Fat Quarter Shop), everything in my stocking was perfect!

If you haven’t read my earlier post (April Sew Sampler Box) or aren’t sure what I’m talking about, Sew Sampler is a monthly subscription quilting box from Fat Quarter Shop that automatically delivers surprise quilting goodies to my door every month. I absolutely loved the April box, and couldn\’t wait for the May box to arrive. Please visit Fat Quarter Shop for all the details! And now . . . on to the good stuff.
First up, I found a coupon, a quilter’s coloring page, Block #2 Recipe card and TWO spools of Aurifil thread! Yes!!

Next up, two totally cool notions that I do not have:  Sew Easy Tweezers from Elisa’s Backporch Design and Bobbini Bobbin Holders by Smartneedle.  Just the other night when I had to unpick some errant stitching (boo!), I had a heck of a time removing the little picked threads.  (I am not a lady with fancy long fingernails.)  The tweezers will come in handy and can serve double duty as a stiletto!   

These colorful Bobbini bobbin holders are so clever and cute.  I ran to my sewing room to grab a bobbin to test it out.  Very slick!

As I continued pull goodies from the box, I was completely tickled to find this exclusive Sew Sampler pattern: the \”Cozy Holiday Tablerunner\” by Lori Holt!  I love the scrappy, cheery look, and I can’t wait to make it. Tucked in next to the pattern was a bonus pack of \”Cute Little Buttons,\” also by Lori.

Finally (and this is where I may have squealed), I came across two 5” Stackers of Lori Holt’s new line: Cozy Christmas for Riley Blake Designs! I didn\’t yet have this collection, and it is even sweeter in person than the pictures I’ve seen online.  I kept fanning through the stack, trying to decide which print was my favorite.  Such a darling, retro holiday line!

Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for knowing so well what we love, need and want! And thank you all for stopping by the blog today!  I hope you get carried away quilting often!


8 thoughts on “May Sew Sampler Box from Fat Quarter Shop

  1. Wasn't it just the yummiest box?! I've been eyeing those bobbin holders for quite a while. So glad I never gave in to the temptation of buying them. Well actually, I guess I did just buy them, didn't I!? LOL I can't wait to see what you make with those charm packs!!

  2. I KNOW! I loved every bit of it and it was just so exciting to be SURPRISED! I think the not knowing and then loving is what makes it so much fun! I'm pretty sure I will make Lori's pattern with the charm packs, but I may not get to it until winter. But that's okay, sometimes I enjoy \”sewing in the season\” even if that means I don't get to have it out on display for as long the first year. How about you?

  3. Good question. I'm not sure yet. Our house is a wreck at the moment. We're switching rooms around and there's such a mess in our main living areas since we emptied the rooms out, not to mention we won't be done with school for another 3 weeks. Oy! I squeeze in my sewing when I can, but it's become sort of scarce. My iron (which I've had for 14 years) went kaput today, so that pretty much puts me out of commission! LOL Will be looking for one tomorrow. I tell ya, I am so looking forward to school being out for summer and having these rooms done! One can sure dream!!! 🙂

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