Ribbon Play pattern meet Fig Tree fabric

Recently I shared my newest pattern release with you: \”Ribbon Play\” starring Bonnie\’s and Camille\’s fresh \”Little Ruby\” line for Moda. I just love the lively, playful look those fabrics brought to my pattern. But I also knew from the outset that I would want to make a runner using my treasured \”Strawberry Fields Revisited\” fabrics from Fig Tree & Company for Moda. Since I have so many quilting friends who share my love of all things Fig Tree, I am posting some pictures of that runner here.  

My pattern calls for six fat quarters and 3/4 yard background fabric for the top and a scrappy binding.  I selected two reds and two taupes from Strawberry Fields Revisited for my flowers. For the ribbon, I used the green dot from that line, and paired it with Moda\’s celery Bella Solid. I think they work quite nicely together.

This runner measures 50 1/2\” long by 18 1/2\” wide, making it a nice full runner for your dining table.  It also looks lovely hanging on a quilt ladder!

The \”Ribbon Play\” pattern on my Etsy Shop.  It is also available in \”Little Ruby\” fabric (shown below) as a kit from Lou Lou’s Fabric Shop!   

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!  I hope you get carried away quilting often!


26 thoughts on “Ribbon Play pattern meet Fig Tree fabric

  1. Love this runner and would love to get the Little Ruby kit. The postage for Australia just makes it so affordable…

  2. Love this beautiful table runner pattern done in the FigTree fabrics! You just can't go wrong with that combination!

  3. It is hard to chose which one is prettier. I love pink, aqua not as much as blue, adore the strawberry prints in SFR. I like the yellows in SFR and the pinks so maybe those fabrics. Aww so many lovely choices!!! You made another great design. Do you have a larger quilt pattern in mind to design? I pinned down my binding for Picking Petals and will post on IG when I get a chance to actually hand sew the binding. I did a flanged binding (this is only my second time doing a binding!) and just did not like the look of the machine sewn binding. I couldn't get the stitching to stay in the ditch and then on the back it has some crookedness so I gave that up! Ha! So really I just stared at your Picking Petals thinking of a way to get it into a throw size quilt but I didn't come up with anything. It is one of my favorite designs!!! Best wishes and happy sewing! Karen

  4. Oh Karen! You are so good to \”talk\” to! Thanks for your kind words. I have not done that machine binding because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be satisfied with my own work and would have to take it all off. Besides, I do enjoy hand binding anyway! Great thing to do while I sit with my family. I DO actually have a larger quilt in design that incorporates some favorite bits from Crossing Petals and Picking Petals, and I'm really liking it so far, but it may be a ways out, as I have other things on the schedule first. Just not enough time for all the quilting fun! Thank you sincerely for stopping by and brightening my day with your comments. Happy sewing to you as well!! 🙂

  5. I LOVE your table runner with the SFR line!! It is gorgeous!I also love love love Fig Tree and Bonnie & Camille fabrics and patterns. I found you through #Beavsfan on Instagram, and now I am going to look through your blog and patterns! Susie

  6. Oh I am so happy with my Picking Petals! And I enjoy hand binding so much better than machine binding all of it. I even hand sewed the binding on the front because of the tutorial I used to get the two colors on the binding. I look forward to a larger quilt pattern from you and just bought your new pattern Ribbon Play. I have lots of Little Ruby but not sure if I will use that or Backyard Roses, maybe;) But I thinking of tripling it to make it 50 inches by 45 1/2 inch or so. It is a lovely design and as always your patterns are so \”doable\” for a beginner. Thank you!

  7. Oh, and now I see what you mean about when you wrote about combining Picking Petals and Crossing Petals! You are a quilting genius!

  8. Your Picking Petals in Bloom & Bliss is so so pretty. I would like to make on in that myself. It's cheerful and happy while still looking sophisticated. Love! Two color binding sounds tricky to me, but yours looked awesome! I cannot wait to see your version of a bigger Ribbon Play! How terrific! I would love seeing it in Backyard Roses! Wonder if you could fussy cut the larger roses for the centers!! Wouldn't that be something! Excited to see what you come up with! Have a great week Karen! Thanks for your support!

  9. Well Hi Susie! That is so nice of you to stop on over here! I really appreciate that. Leave it to the sweet Stacy (aka Beavsfan) to connect me to another nice quilter out there! Have a great week!

  10. Eye candy… nothing but eye candy! I just get so giddy when I see your pictures. I'm always in for a treat! I have yet to make that runner, but I sure do plan on it!!

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