June Sew Sampler Box from Fat Quarter Shop

When I was a girl, I always wanted a Crayola Crayon Box 64 with the built in sharpener in the back.  Every August when we went to town to get our school supplies, I recall begging my mom for the \”big box\” of crayons.  But it wasn\’t on the list.  A box that big wasn\’t required by the teacher.  So my mom would say no.  I don\’t remember if I pouted, but I\’m betting that I did.  In the long run, it was probably a really good lesson for me. Make do. Be thankful for what you have.

Well, I\’m not a little girl anymore, but let me tell you I was pretty thrilled to receive my June Sew Sampler box and find the Riley Blake Crayola Fabric Colors box filled with 10 beautiful Confetti Cotton fat quarters.  This is even BETTER than a 64 box with sharpener!  The fabric colors are richly saturated and I can\’t wait to make something with them.  The June Sew Sample box was off to a great start!

The treasures I found next included some darling twill ribbon, another Sew Sampler Block Recipe, and BLUE Alphabitties.  I already own the pink ones and I use them all the time. It will be so nice to have another set, in another color.  

Of course the fun didn\’t end there.  I was excited to find a beautiful pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew, a black Frixion Ball Erasable quilter\’s pen, and a Creative Grids 2 1/2\” ruler! Seriously! What a haul!  

I\’ve made a handful of Cluck Cluck Sew quilts in my time, and the patterns are always top notch. I\’m sure the \”Shimmer\” pattern will be the same.  I\’m also very happy to get my hands on a Frixion pen and give that a whirl!  While I do own a 2 1/2\” ruler, it is not from Creative Grids.  This ruler definitely has better markings and of course that trademark grip. I am a big fan of Creative Grids rulers.

If you\’d like to know more about this great subscription program, please check out one of my earlier posts (April Sew Sampler Box or May Sew Sampler Box). Basically, Sew Sampler is a monthly subscription quilting box from Fat Quarter Shop that automatically delivers surprise quilting goodies to my door every month.  Please visit Fat Quarter Shop for all the details! 

Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for the terrific June box.  I love every bit of it! And thank you all for stopping by the blog today!  I hope you get carried away quilting often!


8 thoughts on “June Sew Sampler Box from Fat Quarter Shop

  1. I always love how you describe each and every item, just like a child who's received the best presents ever!! I was so thrilled with this month's goodies. Another winner!!

  2. Ha ha! Thanks! It really was a great box . . . AGAIN! I thought it was cute that my niece who is 17 was the first person to comment on IG because she thought the Crayola box was \”cool!\” Just think, we quilters are cool! 🙂

  3. After reading your post, I have finally taken the jump and subscribed to the monthly sew sampler box. Cant wait! Thanks for sharing your experience

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