Moda Love Mini in Vintage Picnic and Little Ruby

This past weekend I was excited to give a quilty gift to a good friend who recently earned her doctorate degree in nursing. We became friends through our sons, and I’ve counted her as a blessing in my life for the past ten years.  Carolyn is smart, enthusiastic, supportive and giving. She brings energy and laughter to any get-together, and I love her for that.

Carolyn would also like to begin quilting in earnest. She has made a couple of quilts in the past, but she hasn’t had much time to devote to it with her busy schedule. Well, now that she’s earned her degree, you just know I’ll be pushing her to get the sewing machine out again. I need another partner in crime!

When she’s been at my house, Carolyn has commented on my Moda Love Quilt hanging in a hallway, so that’s the project I chose to make for her.  The Moda Love Quilt Pattern is a free digital download from Moda United Notions. It comes in three sizes depending on the precut you choose (layer cake, charm pack or mini charm). 

I chose a mix of \”Little Ruby\” and \”Vintage Picnic\” (both by Bonnie & Camille for Moda) for my mini quilt.  The final quilt measures just 12\” x 12\” and it is so darling at that size. I was afraid it might get a little \”lost\” as a wall hanging though, so I decided to layer it with a rustic frame and a bit of chicken wire.  I was so happy with how it came out, I had second thoughts about giving away.  😉

I also knew that for this project, I wanted some extra special custom quilting, so I sent the top off to Starlit Bear of Starlit Quilts.  I\’ve admired her quilting on Instagram (@starlitquilts) and was excited to have Star work her magic on this mini.  When I received the quilt back from Star, I have to tell you I was in awe.  There were so many delicate details that I just stared at the quilt for several minutes, taking it all in.  I hope these pictures give you a sense of her beautiful quilting talent!

Star used a Glide thread (by Fil-Tec) that has a sort of shimmery sheen.  It catches the light and adds a beautiful dimension to her quilting!

I\’ve been doing a lot of \”business\” sewing lately, which made this project even more special and enjoyable for me.  Bright and happy fabrics, a terrific pattern, beautiful quilting . . . all coming together to create a special gift for a special person.  It doesn\’t get much better than that for us quilters, does it?

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today, and indulging me as I showed off the amazing talents of Starlit Bear.  I hope you\’ll visit her website!  Star is also part of the creative team at Stash Addict Quilts, one of my super sponsors.  

Have a great weekend, friends! I hope you take some time to get carried away quilting!


19 thoughts on “Moda Love Mini in Vintage Picnic and Little Ruby

  1. The frame is from the Rusty Roof on Etsy. The Chicken Wire I found at the local craft shop (Craft's Direct). I'm betting they must sell it at other chain craft stores also. Thank you!

  2. This is so beautiful, I absolutely love it!!! I'll be looking for all the supplies to make one (or ten) of these. Love the idea of making lots of mini quilts to switch out. What a sweet gift for your friend!!

  3. What a beautiful gift! I just know she will love it, and just maybe inspired to get that sewing machine out again! Your attention to details is incredible. What a perfect way to frame and present such a special piece of work. The quilting is awesome! I have to hand it to you, never do you cease to amaze and inspire me.

  4. Hi Malinda! Thanks for your kind words. Well, I know that the inside dimensions of the frame were 16 x 16, so I'm guessing overall it was probably 20 x 20. But I know the opening that the 12 x 12 inch quilt hung in was 16 x 16. I've already thrown away the box that the chicken wire came in, but the brand was Darice. I think in the store there were 3 colors (silver, copper and black). I used a black. I hope that helps! I ordered the wooden frame from the Rusty Roof on Etsy because I had a hard time finding a square frame that size anywhere.

  5. Thanks so much Pam! It was so fun to give to someone you know appreciates it! She hung it up right away, and I told her it was to be a reminder to get that sewing machine out!! 🙂 I am so so tickled with Star's quilting! Have a great weekend!!

  6. I would have hung it immediately also! So glad that she liked it! So with the quilting, did you select a pattern or just give her a free hand at it? I was a bit confused about her levels and the selections.

  7. Thanks Rosemary! I totally hear ya! I think I kind of go in cycles . . . mini quilts . . . pillows/pouches . . . big quilts. That's the fun of sewing I guess. Have a great weekend!

  8. Love the frame with the chicken wire. What a thoughtful gift for Carolyn. She will treasure it, I'm sure of that!! You are a wonderful friend, Miss Taunja!!

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