Sewing therapy: Crossing Petals to the rescue!

It seems to me that most quilters are pretty goal oriented about their quilting. We typically sew with a purpose . . . to make a gift, to finish a forgotten work-in-progress, to make a quilt for a certain spot in our home, to master a new technique, or to make good use of our stash. But then there are times when we sew just because we need to sew. We need a little sewing therapy.

I found myself needing a pick-me-up in the end of July, so I turned to some favorite fabrics in my stash and one of my own mini patterns, Crossing Petals, which can be whipped together in a day.  It was just what the quilting doctor ordered. My mood was lifted during the process, and the end result was my favorite Crossing Petals to date! 

In this version of Crossing Petals, I used the floral navy and berry red from Little Miss Sunshine by Lella Boutique for Moda Fabrics.  I combined them with the text print and green dot from Farmhouse and the tan gingham from Strawberry Fields Revisited, both by Fig Tree & Company for Moda.  Every time I use navy in a quilt, I ask myself why I don\’t do that more often.  I just love navy!

I was so pleased with my little therapy quilt, that I thought she deserved some custom quilting. I sent her off to my talented friend Nancy of Nancy Jolene Quilting, and asked Nancy to work her magic.  I love every little morsel of stitching that Nancy did.  It simply makes this mini quilt sing, don\’t you think?

I truly hope all of you quilting friends are having a wonderful week.  But on the chance that you are feeling blue or overcome with worries, I hope you head to your sewing room and stitch those blue away! Go ahead, get carried away!

10 thoughts on “Sewing therapy: Crossing Petals to the rescue!

  1. Your quilt is just beautiful, that quilting is amazing. Spending time in my sewing room brings me many hours of joy. Especially when I'm sewing with my fig tree stash.

  2. I need some sewing therapy… STAT!! I had more time to sew when I homeschooled. Now that my kids are back in school I find myself having little to hardly no time, go figure! LOL Love that pattern and will eventually get to making it!!

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