Autumn Quilts: Picking Petals & Sweetly Scalloped take on a fall flair

I try not to bring out my autumn decorations before the school year officially begins.  My husband is a middle school principal, and he tends to give me that “one eyebrow up” look if I start pulling out pumpkins and fall foliage before he even has students in the building, which won’t be until after Labor Day.
However, both of our children are already off to college, so I figure Mr. Kelvington will just have to cut me some slack.  I’m experiencing a bit of the empty nest sadness, and one sure fire way to perk myself up is to bring out my autumn lovelies.
I’m actually quite excited to show you the two fall quilts I made this summer, because they are from two of my patterns: Picking Petals and Sweetly Scalloped.  I love bringing a pattern to life in a new way, just by changing out the fabrics!
In my Picking Petals mini quilt, I used mostly Farmhouse fabrics by Fig Tree & Company for Moda Fabrics, but I did sprinkle in a couple of other oranges I had on hand.  The awesome black print with little taupe etchings is from the Sturbridge line by Kathy Schmitz, also for Moda Fabrics.


The soft and simple meander quilting was done by Barb at Quilts on Broadway, my local quilt shop.


I have Barb to blame for the idea that I should also sew up Sweetly Scalloped in autumn prints!  I found this beautiful pumpkin fabric at her shop.  It’s called Wicked Pumpkins Black by Timeless Treasures.  I think it makes a perfect focal fabric for Sweetly Scalloped, and it just happens to work beautifully with my (abundant) Fig Tree stash! I also threw in a text print and some other oranges and tans I had in my stash, along with the black Sturbridge print for the scallops.

Once again, Barb helped me choose the perfect quilting design for my project.  I love the vine quilting in taupe thread!



Because I like to move my things around the house quite a few times before I’m satisfied, I also displayed a few of my fall favorites on my quilt ladder. The top quilt is a pattern by Fig Tree & Company called Canned Pears. I made this quilt a few years ago, and I have it on display nearly all year.  It’s one of my treasures and seems to blend in from season to season! I made the middle mini quilt last year. The pattern is Mini Shine by A Quilting Life. I think Picking Petals (bottom) may stay right there on the quilt ladder.
If you are in the mood to look at more autumn quilts, please stop by my post from last September titled Fall Frenzy: Seasonal Project Complete! While I love all of my quilts, seasonal quilts bring a different kind of joy, don’t they? Mine are tucked away carefully in a closet, and it’s such a joy to bring them out, give them a good shake, and find a special spot for them!
Both Picking Petals and Sweetly Scalloped are available on my Etsy Shop.
Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today. I hope you get carried away with some autumn quilting!

31 thoughts on “Autumn Quilts: Picking Petals & Sweetly Scalloped take on a fall flair

  1. Simply gorgeous! You have mad quilting skills Taunja, from your fabric selections all the way through the display of you pieces! Your blog makes me want to drop everything & sew! I did go back to your previous fall post & was inspired to make one of the pretty table ronners. I host Thanksgiving so love to decorate for fall. Thanks for sharing, it was an early morning treat😊

  2. Such satisfying decorating and quilting! I have had the Mini Starshine pattern for a while. It is so cute the way you did it. And a new look at Picking Petals is beautiful! I adore your Sweetly Scalloped. Enjoy a beautiful fall with all of your decorations! School is in session here already. I wish it would wait until after Labor Day!

  3. You are so so welcome and thank you for your kind words Pam. Although I think I am just another quilter who gets carried away with her love of fabric and all the possibilities . . . just like you! It's a fun problem we have, isn't it?? Hope you are having a great week and that all is well with you and yours!

  4. Thanks so much Karen! I can't thank you enough for always taking the time to stop by and see what I'm up too! I think you will love that Mini Shine pattern by A Quilting Life. Her patterns are always great. I will keep my eyes peeled on IG! 🙂

  5. Your Fall Decor is beautiful – as are all the quilts you made and displayed. Love the colors in each one. I'm waiting for a bit of cooler weather – and the yellow school buses to drive past :)! Fall is always my favorite time of year!

  6. Your quilts are so beautiful, I live in Australia and tomorrow is the 1st day of Spring, I'm so looking foreward to some sunny days.

  7. Thanks Sigi!! Yellow school buses . . . brings dual good memories for me. As a country kid I didn't mind riding the bus. There always seemed to be an adventure on the bus. Plus, my grandpa was a school bus driver. I miss him! Happy fall Sigi!

  8. I always switch to my fall decor on Labor Day weekend. I've already started putting away the patriotic decor the goes up on Memorial Day. Your quilts are incredible and I new that tnose were mostly Fig Tree fabrics, one of my favorites also. I have to get Sweetly Scalloped, if the LQS does not have it I will order it. Loved your quilt ladder, I'm trying to get my husband to make me one. How long are the dowels on yours?

  9. Thanks SO much for your kind words and your interest in Sweetly Scalloped Liz! 🙂 Hope you have a lovely weekend . . . enjoying some down time AND some fall decorating. Regarding the ladder, I bought this from a local lady whose husband had been a commercial painter. It was a HUGE painter's 2-piece extension ladder that we cut into 4 pieces actually. 2 pieces for another lady, 1 for my sister, and 1 for me. The one you see that I kept is the bottom half of the lower extension. The top wrung is 16\” wide and the bottom wrung is 21\” wide (the legs gradually bow out as it gets to the bottom). It makes for a very nice size. I chalk painted it this soft brown color because you can imagine the mess it was, as a working painter's ladder! 🙂

  10. Thank you! My husband said he would make one. Right now he is putting down Pergo in my kitchen and living room. It looks so nice, goodbye to ugly old floors.

  11. All of your quilts are just gorgeous! I ordered the Fig Tree & Co Halloween bundle from their shop and I hope to get a little something made before fall really hits where I live! Thanks for sharing your lovely work…it's so inspiring!

  12. Such Lovely quilts! I love seasonal quilts as well, but I need to make a few more for my collection to be as impressive as yours! 😀

  13. A lot of cuteness going on over there! Thanks for all of the ideas. I do love pulling out my seasonal stuff and I'm excited to (hopefully) add a second Fall quilt to my collection this year! I enjoy your blog, Taunja, and following you on Instagram!

  14. Hi Serena! Thank you! Do you mean the tan with the tiny tiny white dots? I honestly do not know the name and I don't have any selvage of it. It came in a bundle I purchased from Fig Tree! I'm sorry!

  15. Those color combos are perfect. I really love your quilts, runners… well, I guess I just love everything you make. I have yet to be disappointed with anything! 😉

  16. I've been in a quilting slump since spring/summer finally arrived here in Iowa. After the rains stopped I was finally able to plant flowers and I have loved being outside. Now it is getting so hot I think I need to return to my sewing room. Your posts and beautiful ideas are just what I need to become inspired again. Thank you for your lovely patterns and the variety of ideas you offer on how to use them for all seasons!

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