Sylvia\’s new sewing studio, an update on Ellie\’s Crossroads Quilt, and a new sponsor!

Hello quilting friends!  I have three great topics to cover today, so let\’s get to it!

Sylvia\’s New Sewing Studio

In May I shared a blog post about my friend Sylvia and her desire to redo her sewing room. Sylvia was sewing in the smallest bedroom of her home’s second floor.  As an avid quilter and empty nester in a large house, she figured it was time to do some rearranging.  With her husband’s blessing, and muscle, she transformed a larger bedroom in their home into a terrific new studio.  I’m so happy for her!  Many of you were kind enough to share suggestions and ideas on what should be included in her new space, so we wanted to update you with some pictures.

Drumroll please . . . here it is . . .  Sylvia\’s New Sewing Studio!

AFTER: Sylvia\’s New Sewing Studio, complete with new hardwood floors for easier thread cleanup!

Just to remind you, this room used to be a very nice guest bedroom.  But I\’m pretty sure everyone who reads this post will agree, this is a MUCH better use of this space!  🙂

BEFORE:  The former guest room.

Sylvia\’s husband and a friend of the couple installed new hardwood floors.  Once the floors were in, Sylvia realized she loved the color of the walls and her existing curtains, so they stayed.  She then painted some existing furniture pieces to outfit her sewing studio in style! The space is functional and pretty. 

Sylvia has warmly decorated her new space with special gifts and items she has collected over the years. I think all quilters and sewists would agree, it is these little personal touches that make us love our sewing spaces the most!

Hanging near her sewing machine is a mini heart wall hanging Sylvia made years ago for her daughter Carlie.  

Now, I think I have permission to say that Sylvia\’s closet in the old sewing room was in a sorry state.  But just check out how well organized her new closet is!  My own closets are in need of a major overhaul after seeing this!

And finally, after Sylvia and I finished our giddy tour of her new space, she showed me her latest project.  Sylvia is working on a Jen Kingwell \”My Small World\” quilt with other local quilters.  It is just amazing, as is Sylvia!

Ellie\’s Crossroads Quilt

Another talented quilter from my hometown is Ellie, who is certainly the youngest person I know that participated in the Crossroads Quilt Along hosted by Fat Quarter Shop! It\’s amazing to me what this young lady has already achieved as a quilter. She has made numerous quilts for family and friends and is always up for a new challenge. Meanwhile, she\’s also a great student and dedicated three-sport athlete. I think one day I\’m going to be able to say \”I knew her when . . . \”

We checked in with Ellie in April to see how her Crossroads blocks were coming.  She was doing amazing work, with no guidance from me or anyone else.  Yes, she\’s just that good! 😉 Here\’s a pic from our April visit.

This week I was delighted to have Ellie stop by after swimming practice with her mom and brother.  She has finished her Crossroads top and the pieced backing, and she will be taking it to our local quilt shop, Quilts on Broadway, to be machine quilted.  I am blown away by what she has accomplished! She does beautiful, precise work.

New Sponsor

To close out this happy, newsy blog post, I\’m delighted to announce that Carried Away Quilting has a new sponsor:  Country Road Quilts.  Shop owner Tiffany and her family make their home “just off a country road” near Burley, Idaho. Country Road Quilts carries a nice selection of precuts, patterns, and even some sweet finished items!

Tiffany recalls hanging out in her mom’s sewing room as a child.  To this day children and grandchildren still gather in that sewing room to visit.  Tiffany made her first quilt as a 4-H project when she was about 10, but became more serious about quilting when she got married and was determined to make a quilt for her husband for Christmas. Now she is hooked, and enjoys piecing, applique and embroidery.  She is also learning to machine quilt. Tiffany finds herself drawn to many different styles of fabric, but right now she is drawn to collections by Fig Tree & Company, Corey Yoder, Sweetwater, Lori Holt and Bonnie & Camille. She is slowly growing a collection of Bonnie & Camille “Happy Go Lucky” fabric to make a king sized Fireworks quilt.

Tiffany shares that she is married to a handsome sheep rancher and has five adorable, busy boys.  She spends her days chasing sheep, homeschooling, running her quilting business and keeping the cookie jar fully stocked.  You can learn more about Tiffany and her happy, crazy life on her blog: or on Instagram and Facebook at @countryroadquilts 

I hope you will zip over to Country Road Quilts and see what Tiffany has in store! She is offering shoppers a 10% discount good through November 4 if you use the coupon code getcarriedaway at checkout!

Tiffany has also sewn up my Sweetly Scalloped pattern using Corey Yoder\’s pretty new collection Sundrops (Moda).  She will have kits available soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today.  All of these shares have me feeling sort of rejuvenated, something we all need now and again! I hope you find time to get carried away quilting!


10 thoughts on “Sylvia\’s new sewing studio, an update on Ellie\’s Crossroads Quilt, and a new sponsor!

  1. Oh my goodness SYLVIA! What a pretty, peaceful sewing space you have! Love every part that was shown, especially that buffet you turned into your own. Your JK quilt is also amazing. Ellie is awesome! I hope she will continue on her quilting journey. Must visit Country Road Quilts. Those little boys of hers are adorable😊Enjoyed your post today Taunja. Happy weekend😊🎃

  2. This is a great blog post today. I love Sylvia's new sewing space. It looks so neat and tidy hahahaEllie is very good. I am proud of her. Her blocks look wonderfulThis new shop looks very nice. They have a lot of great fabrics!

  3. Rosemary! You are such a good egg to always stop by! I love Sylvia's new space too . . . hopefully she will mess it up really soon. ha! I think everybody is proud of Ellie. She's something! And thanks for checking out Country Road Quilts too! Have a great day!

  4. A triple pleasure reading this post. First, may I say that Sylvia's new room is wonderful!! What a lucky lady!! Second, that Ellie is on her way to becoming the new Taunja!! Her quilt top looks spectacular!! Lastly, congratulations on your new sponsor! I'll be sure to stop by their site and take a gander!! 🙂

  5. Beautiful new sewing room – thank you for sharing all those great pics. Ellie is amazing – wow to her accomplishments – so wonderful! I will have to check out your new sponsor. Congratulations, Taunja!

  6. Loved reading about your friends sewing room makeover, wooden floors make such sense, I have carpet and it does take some vacuuming!!! Well done Ellie, I love to see young people sewing just so great.I have just written a post on my blog about your pattern 'Picking Petals'.. more photos than instagram.Glenis

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