Homemade gifts for Christmas

It’s the first week of November and now that the Halloween candy has been handed out (or eaten), many of us quilters turn our thoughts to homemade Christmas gifts. Today I have two quick and easy holiday gift ideas for you, both featuring our favorite reindeer, Rudolph!
My first project is a sweet cloth children\’s book.  Thank you so much to the kind people at Quilt Girls for sending me this panel!  I am a complete sap when it comes to the Christmas movies that aired when I was a girl.  I love them to this day, and \”Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer\” is still my favorite.

The endearing thing about this particular cloth book is that it devotes a page to each character, rather than retelling the story.  I can imagine a young child watching the movie with his or her parents, and then pointing to the pictures afterward and identifying each character by name.  

Quilt Girls has several darling Christmas and holiday cloth book panels available.
I made one of Quilt Girls’ cloth books last April and shared some of my tips if that would help you to get started.  Just check it out here:  Cloth Children\’s Books from Quilt Girls.
My second project is a Rudolph pillow, which my daughter has already claimed for her college dorm room! She and her roommate went all out with the Halloween decorating, and they plan to do the same for Christmas.  

The Rudolph block pattern was designed by the talented Gracey of Burlap and Blossoms Patterns. Her patterns include instructions for making either a 6-inch or 12-inch block.  I made the 6-inch block and then added some borders and trim, using up fabric in my stash. The finished size fits over a 16-inch pillow form.

Both of these projects were such fun to make.  They brought back memories of watching Christmas movies with my siblings when I was little, and then again with my children when they were young. And I\’ll admit, I think I may have been singing \”Silver & Gold\” while I was cutting.  
I hope you enjoyed this post and feel inspired to get carried away with some homemade gifts! Thanks for stopping by!

10 thoughts on “Homemade gifts for Christmas

  1. I love this sweet little pillow! That trim you added is just a perfect touch. I'm going to have to make one for myself and my sister as I remember watching it with her when we were little, and to this day it is my all time favorite Christmas movie. Thank you for featuring it here to share with us.

  2. So so cute! I always know I'm in for a treat here. I need that Rudolph pattern, you know, to add to all the other projects I want to do when my kids are on Christmas vacay! 😉

  3. I adore the Rudolph pillow! The first time I saw the movie as a child the Bumble monster scared me and I thought he looked so huge! Funny how a child's mind works that way. I watch it several times every Christmas and sometimes in between as my granddaughter likes it. The pillow is moving onto my list! Karen in NC

  4. Thanks Karen! I have such fond memories of that movie . . . but I bet I was afraid of the Bumble at first too! What a hoot! I think you will really enjoy Burlap & Blossoms single blocks. They are very fun and cheerful. So many possibilities!

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