Custom kits featuring Christmas Figs by Fig Tree & Company

It’s the middle of summer in my neck of the woods, which of course means days filled with sunshine, warm temperatures and outdoor activities.  It also means that it’s time for many quilters to begin working on . . . Christmas quilts!
I know, I know . . . you may not be ready to think about winter and the holiday season, but the truth is, now is the time to get started! I thought I’d help you out by kitting two of my festive patterns, Welcome Home Wreath and Starry Way, using the brand new Christmas Figs collection by Fig Tree & Company for Moda! I’ve made up a new sample of Welcome Home Wreath, and I love how she turned out!

Welcome Home Wreath is a 48 1/2\” x 48 1/2\” wall hanging or table topper that will add a warm holiday spirit to your home. The pattern calls for one mini charm pack and coordinating yardage, for a scrappy, homespun feel. You may notice in my sample that I also used a bit of the red text print from Fig Tree\’s Ella & Ollie collection. 

My Welcome Home Wreath sample was custom quilted by Starlit Bear of Starlit Quilts.  As I’m writing this blog post, I realize that I don’t have the words to adequately describe how awesome her quilting is.  Marvelous, beautiful, inspiring, amazing . . . seriously, Star’s talent is the kind that just makes me shake my head in wonder. Thank you, Star, for transforming my sweet top into a much treasured quilt.

If you’d like to make a Welcome Home Wreath for your home, my kits include the pattern plus Christmas Figs fabric for the top, back and binding. I even tucked in a strip of the Ella & Ollie red text print if you’d like to pull that into your design like I did. The kits are available on my Etsy Shop with two different backing fabric options (as shown below).

I’ve also kitted my Starry Way table runner pattern with the Christmas Figs collection.  I don’t have a new sample to show you, but I think it’s easy to see how lovely Starry Way would look using Christmas Figs.  The table runner kit is available on my Etsy Shop. The kit includes the pattern plus Christmas Figs fabric for the top, back and binding.

Here is the original Starry Way, which featured a Basic Grey line called Juniper Berry.  This charm pack friendly table runner finishes at 40” x 20”, a terrific size for your table or buffet. This pattern would be delightful sewn up in Christmas Figs!

Please note that I am not a fabric store, and I only purchase a small supply of fabric annually for use in my pattern design. So these kits are limited in number and once they are gone, they are gone. The Ella & Ollie kits I created this spring sold out quickly, but please remember that my blog sponsors (whose logos run along the left-hand side of my website) typically carry the same collections that I describe in my blog posts. They are all wonderful folks who would love to help you custom curate a kit with their fabric supplies. 
Both the Welcome Home Wreath and Starry Way kits are now available on my Etsy Shop. You will find complete details and pricing there.Thanks so much for stopping by! 


11 thoughts on “Custom kits featuring Christmas Figs by Fig Tree & Company

  1. I gave a HEART to your post before I opened it to read…and i recognized the style of it as being yours before i even scrolled down to see your \”Carried Away Quilting\” name ! It's 108 here in Texas and hard to feel Christmas spirit! But your beautiful quilt about puts me there! THANKS for sharing-fabric, quilting, pattern, all beautiful! 🙂

  2. The art in which the Welcome Home quilt is designed and the art in which it is quilted is just super gorgeous! I want to make both of these patterns, as they are so lovely. Thank you for these beautiful designs, Taunja!!

  3. What a kind thing to say! You've made my day! 108 !!!!! Oh My Gosh! That's awful! Wishing you cooler days ahead and plenty of time to sew. Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your support!

  4. Thank you so much Sigi! You are always so supportive of other quilters, including me. Have enjoyed seeing all of your makes on IG. I don't know anyone that gets more sewing done that Little Quiltsong! Have a great day!!

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