Pinwheel pincushion featuring Sunnyside Up

I’m a big fan of Moda fabric designer Corey Yoder. I’ve made several projects with three of Corey’s recent collections (Sundrops, Flower Mill, and Pepper & Flax). So imagine my delight when Corey was kind enough to send me a scrap bag of sample fabric from her upcoming collection, Sunnyside Up! I picked through all of the yummy fabric morsels and selected these prints to make a dimensional pinwheel pincushion.

Besides her charming floral designs, Corey’s use of color always draws me in. She has a knack for selecting happy, cheerful hues that are warm and deep. They feel saturated but soft at the same time.

I absolutely love the orchid purple that Corey incorporated into Sunnyside Up. I wish more fabric collections included a bit of purple. It really makes the other colors sing!
The pinwheel pincushion is a free video tutorial from Fat Quarter Shop. Do you know what I love best about this project, besides the fact that it was quick and easy? It’s the perfect “play with fabric” project. I love digging around in my scraps, buttons and trims and deciding what combinations I like best. During that process, I make quite a mess, but that is part of the fun! Creative mess is good for the soul!

Just one note about this project: The video instructs us to stuff the pin cushion (with polyfil) and then attach the button when done, to achieve a tufting effect. However, I like to fill my pincushions with crushed walnut shells, so that is what I used. I attached the button to the top before assembling and filling the pincushion. You could go either route!

I still have bits and pieces from the scrap bag Corey sent me, and I promise to put them to good use. For now, they are on my cutting table adding sunshine to the room. Sunnyside Up is due to hit stores in November.  I can hardly wait!

Thank you all for stopping by the blog today. I hope you get carried away making a creative mess real soon!


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