Autumn brings a new adventure

Hello quilting friends!  I’m happy to say that our move is complete!  We\’ve settled into a home on a small lake just a few miles north of the town where my husband now works. We are centrally located to most of our family and friends, which is wonderful. We are so excited to begin this next adventure. 

My husband is a fisherman, and our whole family enjoys spending time on the water. It’s my dream that we’ll live here for many years, and one day there will be grandkids playing on our little beach.

Most of the boxes have been unpacked, and the house is slowly becoming our home. The kitchen is organized, the beds are made, and all of the furniture is set up in a way that feels right. When I haven’t been unpacking or working, I’ve stolen a few moments to discover the spaces in our new yard. There are several pretty shade-loving perennials in the landscape, but I’m eager to add some more color in the sunny spots ~ Stella Daylilies, Black Eyed Susans, and Blue Salvia top my list. My mom will be coming this weekend to help me with that.

There hasn’t been much time for quilting or decorating, but I did add some fall flair to our new dining room. This little bit of decorating was just enough to make me happy and inspire me to find the energy to work on the other rooms . . . eventually. I\’ve hung my Pumpkin Sky wall hanging and set the coordinating pillow in the corner on an old wooden chair I repainted a while ago.

On the black side table are a few of my fall favorites, including a brand new piece of original art by Haley B Designs.  I follow Haley on Instagram and love her work. When she posted pictures of new autumn art she was releasing, I quickly ordered this \”grateful\” painting. I love supporting other individual makers! The newsprint covered pumpkin in the second picture was a find at a local occasional shop a few years back.

This probably doesn’t count as decorating, but I did throw my much-loved Canned Pears quilt (pattern and fabric by Fig Tree & Company) over the upstairs railing. The rest of my autumn quilts are tucked away for now. Next year I’ll bring them out in full force!

Doesn’t autumn make us more reflective, more thoughtful about life? In the midst of the stress that comes with packing and moving and unpacking and organizing, I’ve been reminding myself to keep my head up and my eyes outward. There is so much to be thankful for . . . like the two small apple trees we didn’t even notice when we first viewed the house as potential buyers! One of the young trees is bearing fruit. What a sweet find!

I did indulge in one bit of fabric shopping during this crazy transition time!  I ordered these cute fat quarters from My Timeless Day. The collection is called Calico Crow by Lauren Nash for Riley Blake Designs. I haven’t decided what I’ll make yet, but I’m thinking maybe some kitchen towels.

My mind is a bit tired, but my heart is full. I’m wishing autumn blessings for all of you. Thank you for your continued support and quilting friendship.

Today I’ll close by saying that I hope “I” will get carried away quilting real soon! I miss the sound of my own machine whirring!


28 thoughts on “Autumn brings a new adventure

  1. Oh my goodness, Taunja, your house is gorgeous! I love your blog and am learning so much and getting so many wonderful ideas! Thank you for your great Blog! Many Blessings to you and your family!

  2. Beautiful property and home. I can see many happy times there for your family. Your display table is beautiful and has shown me a way to use an art piece I have, thanks for sharing.

  3. congrats..i know you can't wait to make it your home… beautiful home and your fall decor. 🙂 Did you make your burlap bag arrangement? I see it has lights in it or a reflection. So lovely. Happy Fall……..

  4. You don't know how happy I'm for you! Love your new place – and yes, the surprise apple trees. Love how you put out a few things for autumn, and are slowly making it your 'home'! Wishing you lots of happiness and blessings in your new place :)!!

  5. What a beautiful new home! Congrats and much happiness in you new home. I just finished your pumpkin sky wall hanging. Changed it up a bit so it can hang vertical rather than horizontal. I can not wait to get it up on the wall, I need to finish the hanging sleeve.

  6. This is a beautiful house Taunja, I adore the setting. Are you close to the Ocean, or more east Oregon. (I know nothing about Oregon, I will put it on my list of things to read)I love your yard and the lake, also inside your house. This looks brand new!I wish you and hubbs many years together in this house. My hubbs and I are still in \”the big house\” and it is tiresome, but keeping it clean is kind of a good work out hahaha

  7. Your new home looks lovely. I wish you much happiness in your hew surroundings. I love the autumn touches. I am inspired to get decorating to welcome fall.

  8. Congratulations! Moving is so overwhelming and you have survived and are in such a lovely new home! Your fall decorations are beautiful as well. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Congratulations on the purchase and move to your new home — its beautiful, as are your decorating! Wish you and your family many happy years there! Deb E / Oregon

  10. Hi Monica! Yes, I am so happy to be in this house and to begin making it our home! I actually bought the burlap part (with twinkle lights) at a local craft/decor store. Then I change out the twigs and berries for the season each year. It's quite a mess of stuff when I change out, but it's worth it!! 😉

  11. Oh I hear ya. We intended to downsize on this move, but that didn't happen. I am trying to adopt the mentality that while it's a lot to clean, it's a blessing to have a home to clean. I'm TRYING! ha ha ha

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