Sewing for my son, remembering my grandpa

My weekend goal is to cut into this richly colored, outdoor-inspired collection of fat quarters. I’m making a quilt for our son Luke, who graduates from college this December. Luke is a smart, outgoing, adventurous young man. He continually amazes me by his can-do attitude, his perseverance against obstacles, and his enthusiasm for life. While he may be ready to take his next step in the world, I remember every step he’s taken along the way. My heart is full thinking about him and the road ahead.

I collected most these prints at two area quilt shops: Quilts on Broadway in Foley, MN and Country Caboose Quiltsin Waukon, MN. I also pulled a few pieces from my stash. My plan is to make a simple half-square triangle quilt with an Around the World layout. I’m not using a pattern, but I’ll take notes about my steps and share them with you when I’m done. These are the colors that Luke chose. He also asked that I make his quilt really, really big! 

I know that for most of us, quilt making is very personal. We sew from the heart. That is never truer than when we sew for family. I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic at our new home on the lake. As I pulled out Luke’s fabrics, I started thinking about my Grandpa Ed, the avid fisherman. He’s been gone many years now, but I would give anything to have him set up his ice house in our bay this winter. I would love to have him walk up for supper and tell me how he caught a few crappies, bluegills, or maybe even an elusive walleye. My grandpa had a ready smile and a twinkle in his eye.  I miss him.

Luke and his Great Grandpa Ed

The lures and wooden bobber in the photos belonged to Grandpa Ed. I’ll leave them sitting out in my sewing room while I work on Luke’s quilt. I’ll be thinking about two men I love as I cut and sew.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today and putting up with my sentimental ramblings. I hope you find time to get carried away quilting too!


10 thoughts on “Sewing for my son, remembering my grandpa

  1. Enjoy your quilt making for Luke, while you remember your grandpa too. Loved your post. I too get quite nostalgic while working on some of my quilts. They are expressions of love by our hands and hearts :)!

  2. this quilt will be perfect i had some of my late father-in-laws lures put into a picture, that was my husbands father day gift after his dad passed, that we had hanging in our mud room it is in storage as we are between moves. i have a bad picture but will try to email to you we love

  3. What a beautiful post here Taunja! Your writing always gives me a clear picture in my mind and even though I don't know what an ice house really looks like I could imagine one out on your lake 🙂 The colors and patterns you have chosen for Luke's quilt are wonderful! I know you will make something beautiful out of them and can't wait to see. I wonder if you could scan a photo of those lures, transfer to fabric, then work it into his quilt somehow? I've been thinking a lot about doing that with some 3D objects that have meaning. Anyway I'm glad I'm spending my coffee break with you catching up on your blog. I wouldn't have wanted to miss this special one! love & hugs

  4. Well that is such an awesome picture for me . . . you taking your coffee break with Carried Away Quilting. I'm honored! Wish it were in person. Maybe some day! And now you've got me thinking, I need to take a picture of Brad ice fishing this winter and get that into a blog post!

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