Go ahead, buy that fat quarter bundle!

As you’ve heard me say many times, I enjoy collecting fat quarter bundles. A coordinated collection of pretty fabrics really makes my quilting heart happy, and I know that many of you feel the same. I try not to purchase them willy nilly, but when I love the look of a bundle (when it says “Taunja”), I know that someday it will find a home in a special project. My most recent purchase to fall under this category was a LouLou Bundle called Festive October. Isn’t she pretty?

Every Tuesday LouLou’s Fabric Shop offers a custom curated, eight-piece fat quarter bundle. Shop owner Jamie has a terrific eye for pulling together unique bundles, crossing fabric collections, designers and fabric houses! Here’s their detail shot of the Festive October bundle that I just purchased. Orange and steely gray . . . what a lovely combination.

Although I haven’t decided yet what I’ll make with this bundle, I’m not worried.  Inspiration will come. Sometimes we just need to let the pretty fabric ideas percolate! 

Case in point: last year I purchased another awesome bundle from LouLou’s Fabric Shop, just because I loved it. The plan came after the purchase, and my LouLou Bundle turned into this lovely autumn table runner.

I used a pattern called Furrows from the “Farm Girl Vintage” book by Lori Holt. You can see how the LouLou Bundle and the pattern seem meant for each other. 

I guess my point today is this: go ahead and treat yourself to that awesome bundle you’ve been eyeing. Trust your quilting instincts. If you love the look, eventually it will find its way into a wonderful project that you make for yourself or a loved one.

There is a new LouLou Bundle out today, and it’s called Apple Pie! Yep, I’m just going to say it . . . how YUMMY!

I know many of my readers are big fans of LouLou’s Fabric Shop, and for good reason. Besides having a great inventory of fabrics, LouLou’s treats their customers with a personal touch. They will go the extra mile to help you gather just the right fabrics for your upcoming project. They’ve done it for me, and they’ll do it for you!
Have a great week.  Hope you find time to get carried away quilting!


8 thoughts on “Go ahead, buy that fat quarter bundle!

  1. Great post, Taunja! Yes, sometimes our fabrics need to percolate for awhile – and sometimes they get used right away :)! I always enjoy seeing what Lou Lou's Fabric Shop puts together each week. The Apple Pie bundle especially looks delicious!

  2. First let me say how much I love that pumpkin basket you used as a prop for the yummy fq bundle! You most certainly have an eye for decor and color! I am glad you said this about not having a plan for something. I have had a stack of fat quarters that I love but they have been sitting for months waiting for the perfect pattern. Maybe it's time I take a closer look. Lou Lou's is a wonderful source for fabric and inspiration. I wish I could order her fabric bundles every week!

  3. Well Sigi, I don't think projects percolate with you for very long. I am always amazed by how many quilts you turn out . . . and they are all so beautiful and personal! You really put your heart and soul into them!

  4. Ha ha! I'm giggling as I read your comment, because not 5 minutes ago I was looking through my FQ bundles and saved stash and thinking, what should I make next? I need a few evenings in the arm chair looking through my books I guess. I hear snow is coming to MN, so maybe I'll be doing that sooner than later! Can't wait to see all that you have been up to when you post to IG! 🙂

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