A simple patchwork quilt


Some of the best quilts are simple patchwork quilts, wouldn’t you agree? Last fall I purchased a half yard bundle of the Oxford collection by Sweetwater for Moda. My bundle included the blues and greens from the collection, in both prints and wovens. I pondered a few different ideas and looked through all of my patterns and books, but in the end, I couldn’t get past how pretty the fabrics looked just lying next to each other. And so it was decided . . . a really big, easy peasy patchwork quilt.



There is so much that I love about this simple quilt: the calming color palette, the subtle design of the florals, the mix of the smooth cotton and the softer, tactile wovens. The Oxford Patchwork will be a perfect guest room quilt. It’s welcoming and pretty . . . but not so fussy that guests are afraid to wrap up in it.



My Oxford Patchwork quilt finishes at 85” x 110”! Yes, she is BIG! But she is also quick to sew. I’ve included some basic instructions at the end of this post, in case you’d like to make something similar!


I sent my quilt to Lindsey at Primrose Cottage Quilts for the machine quilting. We chose this soft and pleasing wave pattern. Yep, this is definitely a lakeside quilt . . . blues and greens and soft wavy quilting lines. Thank you so much Lindsey! You put the perfect finishing touch on a quilt that I hope makes all of my guests feel welcome.



Our guest room is a work in progress. I’d like to find a pretty headboard and maybe a fun painted sign to hang above the bed. I’m on the hunt for another crocheted throw pillow, as the one in the picture is actually from our master bedroom.
My mother-in-law sets a tray on her guest room bed with a book, a little cross-stitch pillow, some floral greens and a couple of rolled wash cloths.  Maybe I should attempt something like that. It’s such a welcoming idea!



I guess there is no rush to get this room in order, so I will take my time. The bed has clean sheets and is topped with a pretty new quilt.  For most of the guests who come to stay, that works just fine.
Thanks for stopping by, quilting friends. If you love the look of these Oxford prints, I purchased mine from Fat Quarter Shop and I see they still have some prints available. The collection also includes a lovely red range. Mixed with the blues, they would make a festive patriotic patchwork quilt!
Basic Instructions: Oxford Patchwork Quilt
Finished Size: 85” x 110”
15 assorted 1/2 yards
Binding: 1 yard
Backing: 7 3/4 yards (backing size: 93” x 118”)
If you are using wovens like I did, I would recommend spraying them with starch or a product like Mary Ellen’s Best Press. Wovens are very “shifty.”
When piecing, I recommend using a walking foot and doing lots of pinning.  Again, wovens are shifty!
From each 1/2 yard, cut (14) rectangles 6” x 9”.
Here’s how:
  1. Trim your half yard to a perfect 18” x width of fabric.  (They often come just a bit larger than 18” wide, depending on who cut your yardage.)
  2. Starting at one of the selvage edges, cut (7) strips 6” x 18”.
  3. Cut each of those (7) strips in half to yield (14) rectangles 6” x 9”.
  4. You will end up with (210) rectangles.  You will use (200).
As you can imagine, the assembly process is really easy.  Lay out all of the rectangles on your design wall (or in my case, design floor) until you have a nice mix of print and color. The layout is 10 x 20 (10 rectangles per row; 20 rectangles per column).
Once you have a layout you like, take a picture with your phone or iPad and print it out if possible. The picture will become your cheat sheet for keeping the rectangles in order during sewing and assembly!
Sew the rectangles together from left to right, creating 20 rows.  Press row 1 to the left.  Press row 2 to the right. Continue pressing in that alternating manner.
Next sew the 20 rows together from top to bottom.  Press seams in one direction.
Prep your backing. Quilt as desired and then bind!



27 thoughts on “A simple patchwork quilt

  1. I love the simple quilt and even the pillow. I don't crochet but I have a friend who does–maybe she will take trade. hmmmm 🙂 As always-i enjoy your post. Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. This is sewbee831 off IG – this is just gorgeous, Taunja! I WILL try to make one, I'm thinking of how much yards for using 108\” backing – 3.5? Again, beeutiful ♡

  3. You are so right in saying that sometimes Patchwork quilts are the best! Love this beautiful quilt you created, Taunja! Each colour and print gets its own chance to shine. Thank you also for the lovely tutorial.

  4. Love this quilt. I have a layer cake that I may do the same thing with to display the great fabrics. I would also like to know about your White quilt. is that something you made or purchased? It adds a great layer.

  5. What a lovely quilt – very soothing colors. I took note of the block size as that also makes it a bit more interesting. I'm going to have to make one for our bed, and that means a 126\” x 126\”….but at least it's a fast & easy quilt to make. Thanks for sharing! Deb E / CAmdenders@msn.com

  6. These colors, the fabric patterns are so pleasing too. This quilt feels very comfortable and \”homey\” Thank you for sharing the basic pattern. I would love to make something like this for my daughter and hubbies bed. Yes!!! Taking a photo is so easy, and easy again when you make a last minute change. Remember the olden days when we had to draw the plan hahahaha

  7. Thanks Sigi! Maybe with all of the awesome patterns we sew up, every one in a while we just need to sew up the simple but pleasing. Kind of like life. A simple quilt is like a quiet Saturday afternoon reading. Have a great weekend!

  8. Thanks! I have a layercake right now that I just absolutely think needs to just be sewn together in squares. each print is just so soft and lovely! I hear ya!The white quilt underneath is something I ordered, but I'm not sure I remember which store. Maybe Kohls?? I really like it.

  9. Oh my gosh my mom and I talk about that all the time. Remember when we had our film developed and never knew quite what we were going to get out of the roll! There are some things about technology that I don't like, but I definitely like the new way of taking pictures. Thanks, as always, for stopping by Rosemary!

  10. Taunja, I so agree with you!! Sometimes simple is just what we need. So cozy and restful. My favorite quilts are the ones with the homey feel. I love yours!!! It's beautiful.

  11. My friend brought me a collection of beautiful \”outdoorsy\” flannels from Montana as a thank you gift. I had been pondering how to put them together in a way that would showcase the fabric. This is perfect! Thank you!

  12. O Taunja! Love everything about this quilt – simple patchwork, the binding, the backing, the colors! I need to make myself a weighted blanket (my husband bought me one (he's thoughtful like that : ), but I'm a quilter – plain is not going to cut it : ) and I think I'm going to do this, just smaller. Thank you so much for sharing!

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