A classic sailboat pillow

Over the years I have collected a small library of quilt patterns and books. On evenings when I am too tired to sew but have quilting on my mind, I enjoy perusing them and pondering future projects. My husband approves of this pastime as well, because it means he gets to control the clicker and can watch golf, or fishing or some other sporting event on TV without me complaining.

Recently, we shared just such an evening of marital bliss . . . Brad watching “Wicked Tuna” and Taunja thumbing through her pattern collection . . . when I came across “Boat Day” by the Pattern Basket. I purchased that pattern a while ago, thinking someday I will have a grandchild who wants a sailboat quilt. Rather than wait for that wonderful someday, I decided to sew up a single “Boat Day” quilt block and make a pillow for our house by the lake.



I kept the palette classic and understated for my “Boat Day” pillow, so that it would look pretty sitting in the corner of my dining room. The background fabric is Moda’s Indigo Chambray (#12051 13), which has nice texture and depth. The navy print is from the Sweet Tea collection by Sweetwater, and the stripes you see on the sails and binding are from Lella Boutique collections.



I hope someday to make the full “Boat Day” quilt featuring a regatta of vibrant, happy sailboats. But for now, I’m quite happy with my grown up sailboat pillow. And I’m thankful for quiet evenings spent with my sidekick, where we can both enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Wishing you all sunny days ahead, and plenty of time to get carried away quilting!




9 thoughts on “A classic sailboat pillow

  1. How much would a queen size quilt if you were able to make. Curious because l am looking for a Navy/Ocean theme quilt. My bother has wanted one for quite sometime. I am not having much luck on my searches. Thanks for sharing. Very nice pillow.

    1. Hello Jane. I’m not sure if I’m understanding your question correctly, but I don’t sew quilts on commission, if that’s what you are looking for. But, I have seen others make/sell quilts (including custom orders) on Etsy. I would encourage you to search there. Best of luck to you!

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