Update: Fat Quarter Lattice Quilt is back from the quilter

Hello quilting friends! I haven’t posted on my blog in about a month, and a few of you have noticed. I’ve received some sweet emails and messages, just checking in to see if everything is okay in the Carried Away Quilting sewing room. All is well here, I’ve just been busy behind the scenes.  I do have some fun things to show you in the coming weeks, including a new pattern.

Today I thought I’d share progress on a winter project that I just got back from the machine quilter, my Fat Quarter Lattice quilt. I’m so pleased with the texture. Many thanks to Star of Starlit Quilts who did the machine quilting. We chose a panto called Swirling Feathers, which softens all the angles wonderfully. I have a few evenings of hand binding ahead of me, but thankfully I enjoy that job.



Fat Quarter Lattice is a free tutorial on my blog. Have you been collecting some pretty fat quarters? Maybe today is the day to put them to good use! You’ll find all the details on how to make your own Fat Quarter Lattice quilt here.  You just need 16 fat quarters (top and scrappy binding), 3 1/4 yards neutral, and 5 yards backing.


Have a wonderful week! And thank you so much for checking in on me. Our quilting community is a blessing!




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  1. Tanya, I have 13 fat quarters and would like to utilize them and make a lap quilt. Can you assist me with figuring how to do that?

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