Lakeside Star featuring Yuletide Gatherings flannels

A few months ago when Moda started sharing teaser photos of an upcoming flannel collection called “Yuletide Gatherings” by Primitive Gatherings, I knew immediately that I would need this fabric in my life.

  • Soft, high quality Moda flannels to keep me snuggly warm during harsh winter months
  • Traditional Christmas reds and greens made vibrant by dashes of grey, black and cream
  • Classic plaids, checks, herringbone and houndstooth

Once I had a fat quarter bundle in hand, it didn’t take long to determine that my Lakeside Star pattern would be the perfect choice for Yuletide Gatherings.

My dear daughter lugged this heavy quilt around the yard on a blustery September day as I attempted to snap some pictures to share with you. She is quite the trooper.

It dawned on me later that these photos will be fun to look at in January, when green grass and open water are just a memory, as I’m huddled beneath this same quilt, sipping cocoa and likely seeing piles of snow outside my window.

I also took some photos inside so that you could see the lovely quilting by Woods Edge Quilting. Katy always gently nudges me in the right direction when selecting pantographs for my quilts, and this was another winner. Katy used a dense panto called Scottish Plaid.  Doesn’t it create an awesome texture on this bold quilt?

Lakeside Star is a fat quarter quilt pattern available as a PDF on my Etsy Shop. This quilt finishes at 74” x 74” and is beginner friendly. While the pattern only calls for 17 fat quarters (plus yardage for borders, binding and backing), you may want to purchase a full fat quarter bundle of the collection you are eyeing. That will give you lots of flexibility when selecting which colors and prints go where. (Then you’ll be able to use the leftover fat quarters on another fun project!) I’ve made two other versions of Lakeside Star:

Lakeside Star (original) in blue, taupe and butterscotch

Lakeside Star in crimson and taupe

My “Yuletide Gatherings” Lakeside Star quilt is now folded and tucked away. The day after Thanksgiving I will rush to the quilt cabinet, give it a good shake, and allow it to comfort me after a long day of decorating for Christmas. I can hardly wait!


18 thoughts on “Lakeside Star featuring Yuletide Gatherings flannels

    1. Taunja – does your pattern help with color placement? The color combinations with the flannel just work SO well! You have such a good eye for color. Me…….well, not so good!😳

      1. Hi Laurie! What I recommend (and what I did myself) is follow the “breakdown” of color as listed in my pattern, but just make substitutions. For instance, in the original pattern, orange was the dominant color, which I substituted for red in my Christmas version. Then I chose the taupe areas to be my greens. The blue areas to be my grays and blacks. Neutral for neutral. The nice thing, though, is the pattern has you lay out all of the triangles before doing any sewing. It’s a bit of work, but it allows you to move triangles around in lots of combinations while you decide! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Linda! This really is an easy quilt for moving the colors and prints around until you get something you like!

  1. I’ve been collecting flannels to sew up this winter. These are just gorgeous and I love them in your quit! I’ll have to order some of the plain cream color though.

    1. Thanks Susan! Collecting fabric is just about as fun as sewing it, don’t you think? 🙂

  2. Just love your quilt! Wondering though…did you wash, dry and starch your flannel? I am so eager to try a flannel quilt but not sure how to sew with it. You are so gifted at choosing colors – love all of your quilts!

    1. Hello there! Thank you for your kind words! I never prewash or starch my fabrics. I just don’t like how they feel during piecing. Plus, since I work with a lot of precuts, prewashing is not a good choice. I have never had a Moda fabric bleed when washing a quilt. (I always wash in cold and promptly remove from washer. Then I dry/fluff in dryer and also promptly remove from dryer.) I recently made my Hometime quilt using flannels by Primitive Gatherings for my son, and he’s washed it several times with no problems.
      I think sewing with flannel is not that much different than sewing with quilter’s cotton, but it does help when the pattern has larger sized pieces, like Lakeside Star or Hometime. I hope that helps! Have a great day!

  3. I really like this fabric line and was looking for a quilt to make it in. Your color combinations are beautiful. Being a “beginner” quilter, I can’t see color combinations and I envy your eye that you have. Gorgeous. I’ll know what I’ll be making this Winter.

    1. Hi Marie! I do think the more we play with fabrics, the better we get and the more confident we feel. But I still hesitate sometimes, or second guess myself. The nice thing about this pattern is that you can really move the pieces around to get the final result that you want. Purchase a couple extra fat quarters just in case you change your mind mid-way through. The pattern allows you to shuffle prints and colors easily! Have a great weekend!

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