Joy mini quilt pillows!

Hello quilting friends!  Last week I released my new mini quilt pattern, Joy, which includes instructions for both Christmas and Autumn versions. The pattern also includes instructions for turning your mini quilt into a pillow, which is exactly what my wonderful pattern tester Gerri did. Today I’m sharing photos that Gerri sent me of her darling Joy pillows . . . and her even more darling pillow models!

Holly patiently poses by the Christmas Joy pillow.

I met Gerri years ago through the Instagram quilting community, which is so inspiring and supportive. Gerri and I began following each other likely because of a shared love of Fig Tree fabrics, which you can see that she used in her pillows.

This Joy pattern is a great one for using treasured scraps, and Gerri has obviously been saving some of the very best snippets from Fig Tree past! Aren’t her pillows beautiful? I’m really drawn to the diamond grid quilting she did on the Christmas version. I need to try that sometime!

Beyond our shared love of quilting, what I’ve grown to enjoy most about Gerri’s Instagram presence is the photos she shares of her four legged girls, her Cavaliers. The photos she takes of her Cavs are absolute day brighteners . . . they make me smile whenever I see them. #tongueouttuesday is a particular favorite of mine.

Nicole stands up proudly next to the autumn Joy.

Gerri has a love and passion not only for her own sweet dogs, but she is also actively involved in fostering and hospice programs that rescue and heal Cavaliers injured at the hands of puppy mills. If you’d like to learn more and discover ways you can help, please visit Gerri on Instagram at @gerridzimiela or visit

Recently, Gerri has teamed up with The Cavalier Rescue by sewing reversible dog bandanas sold as a fundraiser for their Violet Fund. Here is a photo of Gerri’s pup, Holly, near a stack of finished bandanas.

Thank you Gerri, for testing my Joy pattern, but more importantly, for the joy you bring to those around you. You are a shining example of how individual acts of kindness make the entire world a better place!

Thank you all for stopping by!


You can learn more about my Joy pattern here.

3 thoughts on “Joy mini quilt pillows!

  1. The pillows are beautiful & her Cavs look adorable! Thank you, Geri for your actions to help Cavaliers who are in need.

  2. Joy has been my “go to” word lately. Do things that spark joy when in difficult times. I might have to make this just as a physical reminder. Thank you for sharing your beautiful patterns and Inspring and touching stories.

    1. I just love your comment Tonya. It really hit home. Sometimes we need those physical reminders to be joyful on purpose! Our actions will follow our thoughts. And if pillow reminds us to think Joy, then that’s great! 🙂

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