Snowbound tablerunner in red

Hello quilting friends! In May I released a new tablerunner pattern called Snowbound. If you read that blog post, you may remember that I designed Snowbound last winter for our new harvest table . . . something I had dreamed of buying for quite some time.  I enjoyed seeing that runner displayed on our table until the end of winter . . . at which time, we MOVED!

Yes, sadly, we left our much-loved home on the lake and neighbors who had become dear friends. Job changes and fresh perspectives on life caused my husband and I to relocate. We are now closer to my mom, halfway between both of our adult children, and have a cozy (temporary) roof over our heads while we continue to house hunt. (No easy task in this market!) The past few months have been uncertain and a little scary, but they have also been a blessing. We have slowed our pace and focused on what is really important.

My beautiful harvest table is now in storage (sigh), so when I finished my second Snowbound tablerunner, I felt pangs of longing for my old house. I was also stumped about where to photograph the new runner. It turns out this sunny autumn spot behind my mom’s cabin works quite nicely!

Snowbound is a generously sized tablerunner, finishing at 78” long by 18” wide. As a two-color quilt with a big block repeat, Snowbound has a classic but contemporary feel. My first Snowbound sample featured Moda’s Cross Weave Black, which is a deep charcoal color and has a wonderful texture.

My second Snowbound pattern features another Moda staple, their Essential Dots County Red (8654-101). This polka dot print has a slightly marbled effect, so that the red becomes rich and deep. It is the perfect holiday red.

The Snowbound tablerunner pattern is available in PDF format on my Etsy shop. It’s a fun and easy pattern to put together.  I have used a strip piecing technique that saves time.

Most of you know that I am quite a homebody . . . I’m guessing that’s true of quilters in general. While I really miss nesting in my own house (sewing, decorating, quilting, cooking, entertaining), I know that this waiting period is just temporary. It’s a blessing that is building my faith, patience and endurance. I hope wherever you are and whatever circumstances you are currently facing, that you feel that same blessing.

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16 thoughts on “Snowbound tablerunner in red

    1. Thanks so much Paula! I almost forgot about my own suggestion! Ha Ha! Maybe next year I’ll work on some of those. They would make great gifts!

  1. I was so happy to see your message and new pattern, as I love hearing from you and have reallly missed getting your emails. Your recent move explains it all. Thank you. Sandy

    1. Thank you so much Sandy! That is nice to hear! Have a wonderful autumn season!

  2. Dear Taunja, how I admire your positive attitude. Moving is never easy, and it sounds like it has been a challenge for you. I’m thankful you have such a wonderful perspective and wish you the best in your house hunting. I’m sure wherever you land, it will be made beautiful by your quilty touches.

    1. Thank you Gerri! I appreciate your kind words and good wishes! I do have my pity party moments, but then I see what others are experiencing, like those hit by the hurricane in FL, and I realize I don’t have much to complain about. Thank you for your quilting friendship! Hope the Cavs are well! 😉

  3. Will get this pattern soon! Thank you. Change is never easy ..but part of life. It may bring even greater things for you and your family!! Keep your positive outlook-life is good…and yes, things can always be worst! Nancy

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