Finished! A beachy version of Fat Quarter Flourish

It’s been extremely hot in Minnesota these past few weeks, and I know many of you are experiencing the same sweltering conditions.  There is one silver lining to this miserable heat, I don’t feel guilty about staying indoors in the evenings and getting carried away quilting! More specifically, I’ve been carried away binding. I really enjoy hand binding while watching TV with my husband.  We’re currently hooked on the legal drama, Suits, on Netflix.

My first binding finish . . . the beachy version of Fat Quarter FlourishI blogged about this in May, and at that time I told you I would quilt it myself.  However, either the lazy side of me or the brilliant side of me won out, because I ended up sending it to my friend Katy at Woods Edge Quilting. I’m so glad I did. She made this mini quilt absolutely dreamy with a lovely panto called “Mums.”

I photographed my beachy Fat Quarter Flourish atop my beachy Stars & Stripes quilt so you could see how pretty they are paired together.  Blue is my favorite color, and I can’t tell you how happy both of these quilts make me. This Sweet Liberty collection by Brenda Riddle will go down as one of my all-time favorites, that is for sure!

I hope you all are well and healthy this summer, and I hope you are taking time to sew quilts that make your heart happy! Take care and thank you for stopping by the blog today!


4 thoughts on “Finished! A beachy version of Fat Quarter Flourish

    1. Thanks Beth! We actually had a gorgeous weekend, which I’m so thankful for as my niece got married. Today is lovely as well, but then I think the heat returns. Stay cool!

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