Star Crossed Pines: A finished quilt featuring Christmas Morning

Spring is slowly arriving in Minnesota. It’s a joy to hear the robins tweeting in the evergreen outside my window. I am so excited for my grass to green, the perennials to peek out from the soil, and the trees to bud. But we quilters also know that in a month or two, several wonderful Christmas and winter fabric collections will be hitting the stores, and we have to be prepared! As crazy as it sounds, now is the time to plan any quilts you may want to have completed by next Christmas. I hope that my Star Crossed Pines pattern might be one on your list!



When I shipped my Star Crossed Pines top to be machine quilted, I was already in love with it. But when it came back from the quilter, I was overwhelmed with happiness. Star of Starlit Quilts selected the perfect pantograph to make my quilt twinkle! Now the white spaces in my quilt are filled with magical wintery stars and swirls. Star always seems to know what a quilt needs to turn it from pretty to beautiful, and I can’t thank her enough.


The fabric you see in this quilt is Christmas Morning by Lella Boutique for Moda, and it is scheduled to ship to quilt shops in June. This beautiful collection features a wonderful range of cranberry, sage and silvery gray prints. Click here for Moda‘s brochure of Christmas Morning, with SKUs.)



If you would like to start scheming your own Star Crossed Pines quilt, the pattern is available in paper and PDF format on my Etsy Shop. Maybe you could even encourage your favorite quilt shop to pull together a kit when the fabric arrives! Sometimes all it takes is a nudge from customers and a quilt shop will kit a particular pattern.  (Quilts shops can contact me directly for wholesale pattern offerings.)

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you all are enjoying good weather, good health and lots of time at your sewing machines!




12 thoughts on “Star Crossed Pines: A finished quilt featuring Christmas Morning

    1. Hi Teresa! Yes it is all from Christmas Morning. For the background, I used the “Snow Dot” from that collection. It is # 5147 21.

  1. I purchased your pattern when you posted about it in April. Now that Christmas Morning is finally at my local quilt shop I am anxious to get the fabric and get started. I do have one question about what you used for your background, on closer look it looks like you used a small dot. I think I would like that more than the plain white I was going to use. Thank you for any help.

    1. Hi Terry! Christmas Morning is so pretty, isn’t it? I used the “Snow Dot” from that collection. It is # 5147 21.

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